We Meet Again …

… Zorin OS, old foe.

… Kinda pretty desktop, pretty derived of any functionality.

When I dismissed LXLE, didn’t I say I already had another Linux distro in mind to install onto MiniMe? Well, that distro is another old acquaintence of mine, a distro I never liked. Didn’t like it for its business approach of trying to charge money for adding needless Open Source software to their base distro, didn’t like it for trying to emulate various Windows and Mac versions and overall for just being another Ubuntu derivative underneath the shiny surface.

At least Zorin acknowledges the system it’s running on. Good OS. 🙂 And notice a slight customizing attempt by the editrix?

But as it so happens Zorin has quite a huge fanbase, and lately I even hear some positive voices from the YouTube Linux community. So, with a heavy heart I decided to give Zorin another chance to shine on my test computer.

Zorin OS home page: So easy your granny can use it.

First thing you see when you enter Zorin’s homepage is the clear and nice layout. Yeah, Zorin was always great in representing itself. Nothing wrong with that. Second thing I notice is the absence of all the different desktop layouts to chose from. Whoa! Wot happen, did the Zorin devs finally come to their senses? However I just download the install file and will see what I got.

Weird software choices right out of the box. Chrome but no Firefox, Geary but no Thunderbird. But as we all know those muckups are quickly sorted out. And I’ve heard some weird people even like Chrome. 😮

From the appearance it seems Zorin devs have resorted to just use the Gnome 3.xx desktop environment. Ok, not my favourite but sooo easypeasy to operate for everyone and their granny, a makebelieve Windows/Mac desktop ain’t needed anymore. Not even for the most stupid knucklehead. Talking about kuckleheads, Orca’s still searching for the Terminal. Oh, and other wallpapers as well. 😮

I strongly suggest staying with the CORE edition and steer clear off the commercial BUSINESS and ULTIMATE versions. From what I hear what they offer you is just a bunch of open source apps you can install yourself in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand Gnome 3 is so primitive, so bereft of any modding options, it’s no fun playing in this environment. Fortunately it’s okay-ish pretty and functional … and not clunky at all but pretty fast and responsive. So if you don’t have any particular requirements on your operating system, if you’ve given up on life, Zorin OS might be for you.

The settings folder. Yes, this is it, this is all there is. And when you dive into the categories you’ll see they are evenly flat and bereft of choices. If you really wanna mod hardcore-like, you gotta use strong kung-fu.

Ouch, it almost hurts to admit it but Zorin OS in version 12.1 is absolutely beginners friendly and super easy to operate. If you’re not looking for fancyness but just need a reasonably pretty and stable workhorse for your kids and your granny, then Zorin OS 12.1 is a good choice.



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