*EDIT* The Deadpool 2 Teaser Was Just Leaked *EDIT*

Fortunately the editrix has her nose deeply inserted in Hollywod’s arse and already found the leak:




My bestie Grace Randolph has watched it too:

And she wasn’t even the only one …


Obviously they all found it super funny? As Grace said, the first half, with references to Logan and with Ryan Reynolds fighting the phone booth, was funny but the second half was overexpanding the joke and just gross and tasteless. Coming too late to save the guy, not checking for vital signs, not even going after the baddie, but using the body as a cushion … sorry, what message is Marvel sending out here? And you wonder how your kidz did become the soulless little monsters they are?


  1. Umm…
    Phone booths like those are no longer available are they? And if they are, look where they placed it. I don’t remember them ever being out in the open, middle of a sidewalk

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    • Haven’t seen one in quite a while, sweetie. But I remember when I was a kid there was a phone booth directly in the middle of a small plaza between my school, a crossroads, a shopping center and a metro station. Poor thing was always badly vandalized. I guess they took it away around the year 2000 or so when nobody, really nobody, was using it anymore.


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