\o/ YAY! \o/

Little Orcsi can make pretty photos again. \o/ Hoooo! \o/


Not because she’s so clever and has everything figgered out but just because she’s abandoned her beloved Manjaro Linux from Gaga and crawled back to LMDE. Yes, that Debian powered Mint distro that was just working a bit too perfectly and bored her to tears. Now she’s happy to have it. At least on Gaga. Everything was working quite fine on MiniMax and she hopes it’ll still be fine once that thing’s back from the repair shop. Else Orca’s little operation’s gotta be completely Mint powered for a while. :/ Hm.

Not as good as it used to be. 😦

What else? Don’t think I was lazy, was actually quite busy since like 6 a.m. (now it’s 1:30 p.m.) trying to install another Linux on Gaga. Heard LXLE has got a new version since I tested it the last time. Supposed to be much better n shit and since I’m still looking for a lightweight system I can put on OrcNet I tested it out today … and failed dramatically. 😦 Twice the installation crashed and I was like OMGOMGOMfG. 😮 Then I tried it on MiniMe and looksee, everything went well. But it’s a bit strange and won’t work as well as I’m used to from older versions. So I won’t recommend LXLE to you just yet. First gotta find out what went wrong. Will try later or tomorrow the brandfukn new Lubuntu 17.04 beta. Let’s see how that goes.

Usually I don’t trust anything *buntu. :/

Geez, what’s wrong with all them lightweight shitz? Reading nothing but complaints about Manjaro’s own LXQt spin as well. So I was obviously not the only one left with a bad experience.

LXQt: Light as a feather but stupid as a bird.

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