Goodbye …

Yeah, it’s time to say goodbye to two things we had love/hate relationships with but now the decision to toss them was taken off our narrow girly shoulders anyway:


Yes, we all know that Linux is great for keeping our old pieces of museum hardware alive and kicking, but 32-bit computers? In 2017? Really? I mean, probably I’m super spoiled by thieves always stealing our laptops before they get a chance to become really outdated but whoever deems it necessary to still work on 32-bit hardware is a cheapskate. C’mon guys, invest in some decent hardware. Accepting leftover laptops from your granny is super awkward, don’t do it.

And if you still have a 32-bit computer (Windows XP and earlier) in dire need of a nifty operating system there are still enough sources and there is still time to fill your install media with good distros. But you should act … not soon but NOW!


The people have spoken and we gotta accept that. It’s like in the first story, everybody who thinks they must compute on 10 y/o ARM processors is living under a rock. Modern ARM processors, like the Intel Cherry Trail family, are absolutely capable of dealing with “real” Linux distributions. And why use a fukn compromised ARM technology anyway, when you can just get an Intel i3, which is much faster, for the same or lower prices?

Clever Lenovo engineers swapped poor ARM chips for good i3, i5, even i7 ones for more computing power.

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