Orca’s An Idiot!

You know the old German saying: “Wenn es dem Esel zu wohl ist, geht er aufs Eis”, right? Uh, maybe not. It means if the donkey feels too well he goes out on the frozen pond. Kinda like “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall ” or  maybe “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

Now I’ve always thought of myself as a little angel, if a foolish one. 😉 One of the more foolish things I did today when I decided my computing life was too easy and everything worked just a bit too well and I replaced the perfectly working LMDE installation on Gaga with my usual Manjaro MATE system.

Then I conducted the test. THE TEST! I installed Singularityviewer-Alpha 6919 and …


… there it was again: My old problem.


Of course Singu or Gaga or Manjaro refuses to let me save any snapshots from SL onto hard disk.


Screenshots are working just fine. But it’s not what I wanted. Why did I have to be so stupid and replace a nicely serviceable Operation System with one that has a known bug???


And all that just so I can brag to myself about having the better Linux, a Linux for grown-ups.


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