2017’s gonna be a great movie year!

This horror movie franchise, disguised as sci-fi, has always been a favourite of mine. Well, apart from the kinda terrible Prometheus maybe. I just checked: Never even made an O@tM about it, and that means something. But all the other Alien movies were great. Even the French one. Let’s hope ALIEN: Covenant’s going to be one of the great ones.

And here’s a 1080×1920 HD wallpaper/screensaver of Covenant for you:


And then there’s also this old buddy of ours …

A I mentioned already 2017’s gonna be a great vintage for great movies … and hopefully not all of them just overhyped trainwrecks.



  1. Looks like I have a reason to go to the cinema this spring. The former Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver are (also) one of my faves. Also want to mention H. R. Giger who did an incredible work with his Xenomorph.

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    • Unfortunately Giger passed away in 2016 so no more designs by him. But at least we’ve still got the good old xenomorph. But why cinema in the age of TPB?
      LOL, I know every movie is more impressive on the big screen but …


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