Missing MiniMax :(

Two weeks have passed since I brought MiniMax and OrcNet into Computer Repair Lesbian’s workshop for a loving fix. Two fukn weeks! Ok, I’ve told her she’s got enough time to fix them both and there’s no particular hurry since I’ve got more desktops at my disposal. But two weeks now? 😮

Come on!


Jeez, lady, I’ve got some stories from inworld lined up but I really don’t feel like doing them with the heavily compromised setups I have on my disposal right now. I feel we all deserve better photos in much better graphics quality than my tiny Lenovos can deliver. That’s why I’m holding off all inworld SL activities and reports for now and will instead bore you to tears with totally unrelated Linux stories and whining about computer probs. Sounds like a plan, right?

Do I dare logging in, do I?

And still hubby tells me I mustn’t call the repair shop because that would be “awkward”. Well, Awkward is my middle name so I don’t care much. But maybe he’s right and phoning her now would only be embarrassing.

Awkward. Quote | Quotes/Lyrics/Poems/Sayings | Pinterest

Or … maybe she’s just forgotten everything about me and my computer problems and when I call her she goes like …


… when she remembers what those two dusty heaps in the corner of her shop are. Well, probably not. She’s usually very well organised for a Saffa, and a shining role model for all Capetonians.

So we’ll just wait a couple days longer …


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