Sorry, Manjaro Again

Just to clear up a common misconception pretty quickly. When you see announcements about and people reviewing and talking of various Manjaro versions like …


… it doesn’t mean you need to reinstall your beloved operating system like every 6 months or so. This ain’t shitty Ubuntu/Mint stuff, we’re talking about Linux for grown ups now! Manjaro, like every ArchLinux derivative, is a Rolling Release, which means it’ll be updated permanently and once you’ve installed it on your hardware you never have to do it again. This distro will grow old with you, or at least as long as the fukn computer doesn’t die.

From time to time the devs will publish a screenshot of the current state of Manjaro’s development. That’s quite logical. Else you’d need to update terabytes of data after installation. So they give you a recent up-to-date version to install from. Nice, eh?

So if you’d be installing Manjaro 17 today you’d be on the same distro like me, only you’d be on it right away, while I needed, weeks, months, maybe even years of permanent updates to reach that point.


And if Phil “Little” Müller says so it is so.

In case my system crashes due to Orca’s ineptness* and I need to reinstall I’d make sure to grab the latest Manjaro17 and not use my old install medium. To make it short: No, you’ll never have to install newer versions of Arch/Manjaro as it just happily rolls along. But if you’re about to install it fresh on your PC, go find the lastest (not a typo!) stable ISO and forget about that old DVD you have in your desk drawer since half a year. oh, once you’re on Manjaro proper you can make use of it’s own USB stick maker, isousb, and forfeit the wasteful pastime of burning new DVDs. And since I have quite a bit of trust in Manjaro I’d say you can use the release candidates as well. Nothing bad should happen, at least if you’re using the official releases, not a community version. But they should be like 99% okay as well. Else just wait a couple days for the official stable release of Manjaro17 Gellivara. 😉

I guess that’s quite handy and good to know.






* You know what’s nifty as well? To have some poor stupid SL avatar scapegoat to push all the blame on while keeping yourself out of trouble. Tried and proven concept, works like a charme. =^.^=


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