!Top Hit Manjaro!

Whoa! Have you seen that? No, obviously not. That’s what you have Orca for. To check Distrowatch’s distro ranking. And it’s an honour for me I gotta say. Particularly when I see a ranking like this:



Manjaro, as you can see now, is on #4. Number 4!!! The highest rank it ever climbed to. A kinda simplified version of originally freakishly complex ArchLinux. On #4!!! Nobody having a modicum of experience with various Linux distributions, and observing the hit parade, should be surprised by this, as Manjaro slowly and steadily worked its way up through the ranks and showed many many more famous, much older and very respected distros their place. This young punkish upstart is really too good to ignore, as it packs power, speed, stability, up-to-dateness and ease of use into an irresistible, easy to install cupcake of a wonder distro.



I’m so proud of my favourite Linux now! As you might know I’m sporting Manjaro myself pretty much from the beginning of my Linux carreer on. Ever since my guruine Jean Horten hinted me on it and told me it was manageable even for a stupid n00b like me. When I downloaded my first version 0.8.2 I guess Manjaro just broke into the top 20 on the Distrowatch charts but I had, with some convincing by Jeanie, already a good feeling this distro would be more than just a fleeting star.



And, yes, indeed did Manjaro climb from strength to strength. For me and Jeanie, both hardcore MATE desktop fanatics, it was a bit of a rollercoaster since MATE was not even a Community Distro but received like zero support by the Manjaro devs and bigwigs and suffered from disappearing and AWOL retainers and often was not at the top of its game. Well, this has changed and since then my favourite team, Manjaro+MATE, is were it belongs, right amidst its distro brethren and sistren … on frigging number 4! πŸ™‚ A distro so suspect even for longtime GNU/Linux users, that many don’t even dare getting near it, and your clueless silly blogbaby operates it like a boss, has climbed to number #4!!!!! The great and famous and suposedly so super duper n00b friendly Ubuntu is in proximate hitting distance I’m still in shock, kinda. Only the 3 famous Debian/Ubuntu distros between Manjaro and world domination. LOL.

Manjaro logo glowing wallpaper by duradcell on DeviantArt

And look at the guys we left behind us: All respectable and established distributions with large userbases and a good standing throughout the GNU/Linux community. And cheeky Manjaro just passed them like a steamtrain on steroids.

I fukin love it! πŸ™‚ Manjaro-logo

So guys, as soon as you’ve made a home in Linux, on your LinuxMint distros – which I still very much recommend as first distro – you should see to lift your asses up to Manjaro. It simply is better.

But that’s in your future. First we gotta get your sexy behinds on Linux at all. Then we can start making you adorable. πŸ˜‰

So, y’all got your LinuxMint 18.1 (Cinnamon or MATE, doesn’t matter) downloaded and burned onto a DVD? You got some old-ish fuked up desk- or laptop PC handy?

Cool. What are you waiting for??? Sammie?


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