Now I’m Even More Famouserer

LOL, Daniel Voyager must have noticed the talent and genius behind this blog and addded me to his top 30 list of Second Life blogs:


Guess I’ve pushed LEA from 11 to 12 and am now directly behind the unbelievably influential Nalates. Guess that’s a good neighbourhood for Thar She Blows! Ok, next goal is #2 spot, directly behind the unimitable Inara and above Hamlet’s NWN. LOL, did I invent a new sports discipline now by accident? Raceblogging, Goalblogging or sumfink?

I guess I’d never do a hit parade like that. It’s enough to show you from time to time who the biggies in the Linux scene are, no need to charge my fellow SL bloggers against each other. Longterm Orcablog readers will know anyway which blogs I read and use more often than others.

New in the charts and already blogging on #11: Orca Flotta and her Thar She Blows!

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