My Top 30 Favourite SL Blogs For 2017

:..( Sniff … that stupid Owl don’t love me anymore, if he ever did. After all the things I did for him during the last couple years …

LOL =^.^=

Daniel Voyager

Here is a updated list of my top 30 favourite SL blogs you should check out and read regularly during 2017. There are so many great SL bloggers out there covering the metaverse reporting about the latest grid news, fashion events, shopping events, grid wide hunts and much more.

Add these blogs to your SL blogrolls…

  1. Inara Pey 
  2. New World Notes
  3. Firestorm Viewer Blog
  4. The Drax Files Radio Hour
  5. Jo Yardley
  6. Second Life Newser
  7. Prim Perfect
  8. London City
  9. Strawberry Singh
  10. Nalates Urriah
  11. Linden Endowment for the Arts
  12. Feted Inner Child
  13. Ciaran Laval
  14. The Poultry Report
  15. Parktown Progress
  16. Echt Virtuell
  17. ZoHa Islands
  18. Bryn Oh
  19. Virtual Outworlding
  20. Honour McMilla
  21. Mona Eberhardt
  22. Harper Ganesvoort
  23. Crap Mariner
  24. Canary Beck
  25. Pussycat Catnap
  26. iheartsl
  27. Seraphim
  28. Holocluck’s Henhouse
  29. Across The Grid With Lindal Kidd
  30. Prim Dolls

Back in September 2010 I did create my top 50 favourite SL blogs for 2010 however since then most bloggers on…

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