Yesterday …

… was kinda hectic day. Did my scooter tour on Corsica and if that wasn’t enough stress for this old girl I met quite some of my dear friends online. Must really log on at other times if I ever want to have some peace and quiet it seems. But let’s see …

I met Kitten on the Autonomous Collective’s land and she wanted to show me something on her Yorkshire Land …
… which turned out to be a cute little chapel of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster with an altar on which she had arranged a handful of candles for members of the SL Sailing Community. What a nice gesture and somehow more personal and gripping than the memorial at Fastnet Rock.
Later I met Autonomous land co-owners Lucy and Sammie and we talked about Lucy’s plan to sell the parcel and find something nicer.
So if you’re interested in ~3800m² finest green land on the Little East River, please don’t hesitate to contact LucyInTheSky Afarensis. Or send a comment to this blog, as she will see that as well.


    • I’m as clueless as you, Luna, only heard that Lucy wants to sell but Tasha hasn’t responded as of yet. And yes, that would be a great parcel for a yacht club or similar disorganisation. 😉 However, I gave them my go-ahead. Me don’t even know if you’re still in it or not, kinda lost contact and interest with anything going on in world right now.


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