Little Gaga is Great!

Gaga, the tiny Lenovo M73 system is just the perfect summer computer. Don’t ask me why, it just is … summery. 🙂


After living without MiniMax and OrcNet for about a week or so I can hardly say how impressed I am with how easily the newest member of my ensemble, Gaga, took over almost all the usual tasks from MiniMax. The humble Intel i3-4130 processor really surprises me with its speed and spunkyness. The whole tiny thing is absolutely adorable and still a capable computing machine.

Gaga’s friendly front gives us the usual Power On/Reset button, 2 audio jacks and 2 USB3 ports. One of them permanently delivering power, so you can charge your mobile phone even when Gaga is switched off.

I said almost all tasks since logically such a tiny machine naturally doesn’t sport a dedicated graphics card but must do with Intel’s onboard HD4400 graphics solution. While that is heaps better than all earlier attempts it’s still a far shot off being any satisfactory in Second Life. But it is playable without any lag and will suffice as long as I don’t plan on doing a picture heavy inworld story.

Really impressed with how cool Gaga stays even under stress from SL’s overwhelming demands. Yes, it gets warm to the touch and the fan spins up to audible speeds but nothing too alarming. This miniscule powerhouse just shrugs it all off. All the latest inworld photos in this blog were done on Gaga, and they’re not too shabby, are they? Of course for a real photo reportage I shall wait for the return of my almighty MiniMax.

The rear IO lacks an HDMI port. This is kinda bad. Of course I can live with the outdated VGA port since I’ve got some older screens which feature such ports as well. But usually I’d be disappointed by such a lame choice.

Remember how satisfied I was – and still am – with MiniMe, my little bit bigger Lenovo M90 machine? Well, little bit bigger is understated, its almost 4 times the size of Gaga. Doesn’t matter though, since Gaga computes MiniMe to the wall and is better in every regard. Speed, graphics … for exactly twice the price. :/ But it’s worth it! Really happy with that little computing slut. Told Computer Repair Lesbian she can do her magic slowly and in peace and quiet. I won’t pressure her to hurry the fuk up with the other machines since the two Lenovos are serving me very well.

Gaga on the kitchen table. Egg for size.

Ok, gotta admit that apart from Second Life my demands aren’t that high or unrealistic. Bit of surfing, blogging, watching videos, general multimedia and interwebzing and very light photo editing … and that’s basically it. Couldn’t be much happier. 🙂 Only thing hubby and me both will need in the forseeable future are new laptops. Big chunky desktop replacement for the real man and cute little thing for his sexy waifu. But that’s a different topic for another day.

Direct comparison of M90 MiniMe and M73 Gaga.


    • Thx for the hint, Armo, these look like lekker winkels with a good selection of 2nd hand lappies. Sole problem for hubby and me is that these aren’t really a step up from our existing machines. Also they sport NL keyboards and we’re both too lazy to get used to a different keyboard layout. I got some English keyboards stowed away in the cupboard that I never use and only keep for when I sell off one of my Lenovos or my selfmade good PC.

      Zuidafrikaanse equivalents are available, for example that little shop where I got Gaga from. Not the cheapest but 1 year warranty. Of course the whole IT market here is much smaller than in Europe and many good used machines are sold directly … before they are published on Gumtree. Anyway, I would never buy a 2nd hand laptop in South Africa, due to the SA/English keyboard layout and rather high price level.

      I guess this year we won’t purchase anything when we’re in Germany. Maybe … dunno, hubby is always so stingy when it comes to his own IT carpark. He’s kinda happy with his own effed up Acer laptop and only wishes for an additional desktop PC so he too can work on 2 PCs simultaneously. And he gives a fuck about appearance or power of his machines. So I guess we’ll just get another one from that 2nd hand Lenovo store when the time arises.


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