Orca’s a Fukn Sellout

Me, a commercial sellout, abusing the (hopefully) good relationship with my readers, mistreating the atmosphere of trust we (hopefully) have? Am I really gonna try to sell you a small range of carefully selected and trustworthy products via an affiliation between Thar She Blows! and Amazon.com?



To be perfectly honest, the thought kinda amazes me. I tell you how great the Dell XPS13 laptop or the Logitech G602 mouse is, you’ll of course trust me, because who else is there you can really trust? So you go ahead and order them via the conveniently provided link … and Amazon will shit heaps of Dollars on me! So I can maybe one day buy some of the products there myself. Pretty cool, eh?


rosa2rosa_luxemburgOTOH naaaw … 😦 It’s not worth it, is it? Gambling away the trust between us, my good reputation as a good old anticapitalist. Just not worth it. I mean, I love the refreshing bubblebath in champaign as much as everybody but even more I love to keep up my image as the streetfighting commie bitch. And for that some streetcred is necessary. So no selling of my integrity! No Sir. =^.^=


PS: As much as I’d love to have that Dell lappy, I really can’t complain about having not enough computers at my disposal, can I?  And as far as the G602 goes, I got it already since a year so no need to earn extra income just to afford a second one. 😉

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