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… Orca’s recommendations – and honestly, why wouldn’t you? – you have already or are about to install Linux Mint on your dedicated Linux machine, right? Sammie, Luna, wassup? You ladies on Linux yet? Yes, cool. But now you’re facing a dilemma, you gotta decide which desktop environment you wanna use. Well, KDE is treated like a stupid stepchild by the Mint devs, and Orca hates it too, so we just ignore it. *p00f, there goes KDE …

That leaves us with Xfce, MATE and Cinnamon still in the running. No prob, Xfce is perfectly servicable but no fun so we forget about that environment as well (imagine another *poof sound like a burst bubblegum bubble here) and end up with the sole important decision: Cinnamon or MATE?

As you might know, Orca decided on MATE long ago, and as she’s a creature of habit you won’t be able to talk her out of using that oldfashioned desktop. But maybe this YouTube vid by Tom of the Switched to Linux channel will help you in making up your mind.

In the end we gotta say both desktops do look very similar, despite using completely different toolkits but that shouldn’t bother us as normal users. Cinnamon is a homemade desktop by the Mint team and their standard issue. So you can say it’s just made for Mint and fits like a glove. Out of the box Cinnamon also looks a bit more modern and clean; tweaked and modded they’re basically the same. The usage only differs in tiny details so it boils down to be just a question of personal taste. On older and underpowered systems MATE runs a bit faster than the more sluggish Cinnamon, which might be of importance considering what hardware you’re installing on.


So, ladies, here’s your homework for today. Yes, today, let’s not push the inevitable off for even one day more. Do it now! And then, later tonight, why not doing a little writeup for this blogsie or at least a comment about your experience. And remember: Photos or it didn’t happen! 🙂


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