Drought! :(

Hard to believe that behind our bedroom window once everything was a fresh green.

Mr. Trump, are you sure that Climate Change is just fake news? Just asking you as I just come back inside from hopelessly and illegally trying to save our garden and public greens from dying. I really cried as I noticed the idiocy of my helpless gesture. :..(



Anyhoo, while we worry about our pretty gardens and about ignorant politicos, the drought brought much more severe hardship on the country.

This part still looks kinda serviceable … because I send a bucketful of water across our backyard wall every day.

Yes, I said illegal. Because the situation is so severe we’re only permitted to sprinkle our gardens twice a week, for 30 minutes … and only using buckets or ewers. Needless to say Orca used her garden hose to save what there is till left to save.



Epic sounds epic, right? Full of Hollywood drama and stuff. A real tearjerker. Would be funny if it wasn’t really so bad. Weather experts are saying we’ll be running out of water in 120 days. Time to stock up on juice, ice tea and Coke.

Dunno if these two shrubs can survive the situation.

Also needless to say that our own garden looks much nicer since we bought most of the plants there by ourselves and won’t let anything bad happen to them. Our good bamboo!!! Jeeze. 😮



Yeah, let’s blame it all on the poor El Nino. Tornadoes, droughts, aids, Hillary, WMDs, volcano eruptions, high divorce rates, Trump, school shootings, hurricanes. Why not making him the sinister power behind everything that goes wrong in your live? Have you ever noticed that this “natural phenomenon” only appeared in the media since people started complaining about climate change. Is El Nino nothing but a political invention?

Too late for these plants?

But municipalities are sending out patrols now, and they’ll hand out hefty fines if they catch you watering your plants. Oy vey. 😦



Clever me just hid her garden hose so nobody can prove that I wasted water. 😉

Anyhoo, this ain’t no situation anyone can ignore any longer. Neither should I crack any lame jokes about it. The world climate goes toppsy turvy and I guess we, the public, should have the right to hang the next climate change denier on the next tree … as long as we still have trees. So let’s hurry, get me that Trump character or give me a voodoo doll that represents the fucker. I provide the needles. 🙂

Oh, and before I forget, now is the time to book a vacation in SA. The weather is as tourist friendly as never before and 10 minutes outside will guaranteed give you a nice sunburn. And you won’t need to bring any raincoats. In fact you won’t need anything but a bikini and lots of sunscreen. Both you can purchase here so you can jump on the flight like nekkid. Cool eh?

Even the most hardened semi-arid flora lets their heads hang.

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