I Stole This YouTube Comment…

… because it reflects perfectly my own opinion and stance on the old Dumbed Down by Technology discussion:

AvianTechPCRepair13 hours ago (edited)

There are many destructive elements of modern society, most of which we’re personally familiar with having metastasised after WW2. That being said, I’ve become painfully aware of things becoming particularly weird in the last few years. Though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, hindsight leads me to pinpoint the epicentre around 2010 (More or less). It is around that time, or very shortly afterwards, that one can observe people having difficulty functioning without Facebook. They began rapidly transitioning from desktops and laptops to locked down far more proprietary mobile devices. Then there was the introduction of the infamous “cloud” style of computing so central to the Windows 10 philosophy. Prior to that, the personal computer had been more of an empowering device. Data, including, but not limited to, programs, was stored and accessed locally. From that point forward, however, a significant portion of the population seemed to irrationally abandon their former devices and ways of going about things, opting instead for an increasingly slavish devotion to corporate and governmental entities. It has been truly disturbing to observe the rate at which people have acclimated to these changes. It is now considered abnormal to interact directly, organically and in ways which bypass corporate and government surveillance. People act as though I’m up to something when I insist they deal directly with me, as opposed to filtering everything through some website, an offsite server or some other third party. The fact that I refuse to “text” (As though clumsily typing on a tiny virtual keyboard while staring at a brilliant miniature screen is more convenient than speaking to someone). and insist on speaking to them like the human I am is considered highly suspicious.  

I believe these changes were planned long ago. They are deliberate. I think the general population is being trained like animals using a variety of proven techniques. Some these are military in origin, others stem from civilian doctors, philosophers, etc. In my opinion this has been brewing since the Renaissance which gave rise to the prototypical form of the modern world. There are mountains of evidence for this, but in choosing one excellent example for the sake of expediency (Too late) I think the works of Machiavelli speak volumes. The best modern examples would be the works of George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) and Aldous Huxley.

Cool, eh? If you wanna see the original vid just look here:

Well, I don’t see it as dramatically as the YouTuber or the commentator and I absolutely refuse to wear tinfoil hats. They are not sexy. And I don’t think it’s a steered process neither but guess it’s just a sign of the times, of a general growth of stupidity and less political awareness and the strive for ever more comfortability and the latest and coolest techstuff.

So my personal plan of action is to just relax and react with my patented passive aggressive mindset to the onslaught of modern technology. By now I even enjoy telling companies they can’t reach me on a cellphone when they ask me for my mobile number. Because then the onus is on them to let me know about whatever they wanted to let me now, without some weird app. And guess what, up to now they’ve always found a solution in having some real person call me on the landline and engage in human conversation.

Teehee, of course we got a cellphone, even a handful of them but …


… they were all dirt cheap and none of them are even equipped with sim cards. The two old Samsungs I don’t wanna use anymore coz they are not cool. I’m not capable of operating the Android phone but bought that one with keys for easier operation and because it looks even cooler and more techy. Fuk, I’m such a shallow person ain’t I? But rest assured we will use that thing only once we’ve arrived in Germany and put a prepaid simcard for maybe 10€ in it. And that’s it.

I won’t use it for snapping photos either, don’t know if that one is even capable of it. But I don’t care since for making photos I’ve got my camera always with me. I need it more often than a stupid phone and it’s better suited for the task. And the camera won’t even know where I made what photo and it won’t call home to tell anybody where I was and where I snapped a certain shot.

Orca hates when momma calls. 😦

In the meantime, if you so urgently feel the need to converse with RL Orca you can reach me via email or blog comment … or even via my landline number. I’m home quite often and never answered my cellphone when I was out and about anyway.

You might think I restricted my personal life quite drastically but I can assure you it’s quite an empowering feeling to know you’re not dependent on some technological gimmick to live a full life.

Orca loves hacking clumsily on her laptop. 😉

Of course, take my laptop from me and I crumble. But that’s a totally different topic for another day.


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