Oh Shit :(

That’s so typical girl avies, right? First making the big hullabaloo about everybody must attend the great Jere Cruise and Party … and then happily snoring away on the sofa while hubby was busy on her computers, totally oblivious of any earlier plans of his lovely wifey. So of course he didn’t wake me up in time for the cruise. Ugh, no, can’t push the blame on him. He didn’t know about any of this, so it was just me failing in communication, falling asleep at the wheel and forgetting about her SL duties. 😦


And I was really looking forward to that cruise. Located my most favourite sailboat, the trusty, cute and fast M24 in my chaotic sailing folder and checked if everything is okay with her. Only to fall asleep on the sofa like 2 hours before the cruise was about to get started. 😮

So sorry all for not attending the big happening yesterday. I hope you had even more fun without Orca there. Let’s see, maybe I can make to today’s LCC Cruise with Kitten. I hope she’ll take a shower before the cruise …

Wet pussy, soft pussy …

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