You Need More Immigrants!

Dear haters,

despite your warnings and everything else you’re stating, the plain old facts are showing us a completely different image:


Put in other words, the more immigrants there are living in a certain area, replacing or enriching the “indigenous” population, the less crime will occur.

Astonishing, no?

Speaking from my own experience as an immigrant I can only state that neither hubby nor me weren’t big in doing crimes before moving to South Africa … and we certainly didn’t see any reason as to why we should change our friendly demeanor. I guess most immigrants are of a similar mindset. We move to a certain country because we think it’s more secure, has a better economy, more jobs in our field of expertise, better infrastructure, more political stability or we just like it better because of the weather and we can be better beach bums there. But most of us certainly don’t move to foreign countries because of the amazing opportunities to conduct heinous crimes there. Although, hmm, if you’re talking about the States it may be a bit different. That country was practically built on crime and cons, wasn’t it?

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