Quo Vadis Munich?



I don’t like Steven J. Vaughan Nichols, as mentioned before, but this article sees him back on form, with his heart in the right place, when he reveals the real reasons behind Munich municipality’s swing away from Linux:

The real reason, Matthias Kirschner, the president of Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) said, was that Munich lord mayor Dieter Reiter has been “against free software from the beginning.” This, in turn, was, at least in part, because Reiter wanted Microsoft to move its Microsoft Germany corporate headquarters to to Munich. Microsoft moved and Reiter wants to deliver on his promise to make Munich a Windows-powered city.

In short, this attempt to move Munich’s IT department from Linux to Windows has a lot more to do with local politics than it does with Windows’ virtues or Linux’s shortcomings.

Yes, it’s true MS’s German headquarters are situated in Munich, and why shouldn’t they be? Bavaria was always Americas’s posterchild for Germany, and the ultra-conservative mindset of the Bavarian people is pretty close to that of Americans. And last but not least their business conduct is absolutely the same. So I guess MS won’t move their asses away from Munich just because the city itself decided for freedom over commercial interests. Maybe if Microsoft could come up with a similar nifty operating system, Munich could do them a favour and switch back. As things are standing now, particularly with the Linux-loving Nadya Nutella at MS’s helm, I recommend that Munich stays on its Linux course. I wouldn’t even wonder if mayor Kirchner has some stocks in Accenture. Provincial politics and business are and always were heavily interwoven. And like a Gordian knot they are impossible to unfuck.

Fuksake, wot an unholy, unsavoury, unhealthy province theatre! Just without the comic relief. 😦

 And in the same vein, only with more insight, the Linux Insider reports …



The city spent millions of euros over the last decade on the Windows replacement project.

Now council members want the city to spend millions more, basically to lay the groundwork for the process of migrating back to proprietary software.

Hmm, excuse me please, running a 10 years old selfmade Linux is stupid as can be. But switching to expensive and equally as bad Windows is even more stupid … and expensive. 😦

What do you, dear readers, think? Are we ready to start a little experiment and see if we can migrate Thar She Blows!’s complete readership to the Linux desktop? And totally without spending millions of €uros?



    • Hmm, Armo, two questions about your comment, if I may:
      Why don’t you think you’ll never go Linux? Of course if it’s because of your proprietary tax and money software, by all means stick with Windows. But in private, on your SL and YT machine, why not give Linux at least a thorough test run? It’s quickly done and you’ll get quick results and maybe you’ll be surprised about how easy and fun computing can be.

      Secondly, how dare you calling my expert analyses “babbling”???

      LololOLOL 🙂


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