Not Bashing on America

No, really not. Not when it’s about Linux stuff since many very nice Linux distros were and are made in America, not only the south but talking about the good ole USA. And let’s not forget Linux Mint – the world’s most used Linux – out of Canada. I know most Canadians get really angry when you call them Americans (one aquaintence of mine was even shouting at me “I’m not a fucking Yankee!” when I mentioned she’s American), but for us rest-of-the-worlders, they kinda are. On top of that waterfall you’re in Canada, once you’ve tumbled down you’re in America, WTF?

Anyway, the fact that I usually ignore some of the very huge distros, like Red Hat and Fedora, has nothing to do with their country of origin. If you care to remember you’ll know I even once tried out Fedora and wrote a review about it. That review was kinda negative since there was basically nothing at that distro that I even liked the least little bit. 😦 My reasons you’ll find in the linked review.

However I’ve found a clever blog just a while ago, and the guy who writes that blog just tested Fedora as well. Obviously with much more expertise than Orca could ever muster … and judging just by the title of his piece he wasn’t too convinced by the object of his investigation. So you see stupid Orcsi isn’t like totally alone. That doesn’t mean you should acknowledge me as an international expert on all stuff Linux but just see that sometimes I can be right and you can trust my recommendations. 🙂


So far so (not) good. One point that caught my eyes straight away was this:


And there we are, Hello!, right at the point of my discontent: Gnome3 is a very restricted and restrictive desktop environment, one that hardly let’s you change any settings by yourself and is as rigid as, or even more so, than Windows. You either succumb to the way the devs want you to work or you can’t use Gnome 3 at all. Sounds kinda familiar, right? I even go as far as to say Gnome 3 is the desktop for people who really don’t like Linux … at all.

And this, this basic change to Linux’s politics and philosophy, this anti-freedom stance for me is the main reason why I won’t adapt to Gnome3 and why I won’t recommend anyone using it. The Everyday Linux User found more stuff to nitpick over but that’s all small fry I guess. Because Linux is such an individual thing, what he finds bad might be loved by other people. Even the restrictions, so our poor n00bs, coming fresh from MacWin, are not too stressed out by the new work environment. No, what I really hate about the whole Red Hat/Fedora conglomerate is the simple fact that they are trying to dumb Linux down, make it more streamlined and less free. And did I mention already that the mighty Microsoft finances Red Hat, and RedHat finances the Gnome 3 devs. Jeez, I wonder if they have maybe one the other objective they are working on?

And that’s the gist of it. I don’t recommend Fedora. Not for n00bs, not for housewives, not for anybody. It’s stupid! Do not use it! I hope we won’t ever have to discuss this fuked Linux ever again. Really guys, I showed you some very nice systems you can jump on, download and install and be productive in the next hour, and go for the Jere memorial cruise already tonight.

Here, this is probably the fastest and easiest way to get one of the best Linuxes right away: Search for Linux Mint, go to download, don’t think, don’t ask questions, just shut up and enjoy the ride. 🙂 After like 10 minutes – depending on your network speed – you should have the installable ISO file of Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon on your computer. Then just burn the bitch onto a DVD and install. There. You’re done. Explore and have fun. And don’t forget to download your SL viewer (Linux version) and see you tonight on the Jere cruise and party! \o/


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