Ezee Linux is a Clever Website

Joe Collins is probably the nicest of all Linux YouTubers. Particularly since he spends most of his time educating new users and get them onto Linux. He not only sports a nice YT channel but is also founder and contributor the Freedom Penguin Linux blog. And he has his own lovechild, the EzeeLinux project and website for n00bs and idiots and generally new Linux users. That’s not too clever and would largely just pass me by … if there wasn’t a little thing. See it?



Yesss, Joe, recommends and uses LinuxMint. Wasn’t there this other Second Life Linux housewife blogger who also recommends you use Mint? Mhm. 🙂

And same as Orca Joe loves to make many words and can talk for hours about Linux but when asked about a distro for first time dough-eyed bloddy n00bs, he comes to the point quickly and swiftly: Linux Mint is what we both recommend for our respective readers.

So there. Now go, read Joe’s article, and the longer article on Freedom Penguin, nod a couple time about how righteous he is and then … JUST FUKN DO IT!!!

The newest Mint is always the bestest Mint. Of course it is!

And yes, Joe’s right about hardcore geeks not reading the article. Orca’s no hardcore geek but didn’t read it neither. And for other reasons than Joe assumes. I not only like, I fukn LOVE Mint and am even using it and blogging on it right now on my tertiary desktop PC. Debian Edition with MATE desktop in my case. Still not reading the article since I’ve read enough of these bloddy things and know them by heart. Well, I’m not a part of the target group and know exactly why I use Linux and which distro I use on any of my machines and what to do with it.

Anyhoo, cya later tonight, 2 P.M. on the Jere cruise and party. With or without Linux, but preferably with. 🙂


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