Sarah’s Wicked Uncle

An excerpt from an email I received just now:


Oh my, young Sarah’s life is in  peril, and all she can think of are the 8.5 mio American Dollars she wants to share with me. With me! A totally made up character from a virtual world. Imagine that. What a bold little girl this Sarah is. And how clever her late father must have been to create that bank account in her name just before he was shot during the latest political struggle in Ivory Coast. Jeez, somebody call the Ivory Coastian police department and ask them to help this young lady to survive the struggle with her wicked uncle … or transport her to a prison cell right away. 🙂 I guess we don’t have to wonder who the wicked person in this scam really is.


Now that the Nigerian prince gave up his attempts to spread his riches around, fortunately we found the distressed young Miss Sarah Bright with her 8,500,000 US$ in an Ivory Coastian bank account.


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