B00ming Yet Again … and Other Stuff

Just another peek into the blog notifications shows me …


… Thar She Blows! is b00ming!!! Why? Haven’t done much today, only one post. And that was just of the bitching sort. Y’all into watching trainwrecks live and in slow motion??? Couldn’t I have made some better blog posts today? Sure I could’ve. Even if one has no fukn idea what to blog about next, there is always the Trump as an endless resource of humour and fun. So I could’ve done a piece on him. But coulda shoulda woulda blah blah blaaaa…

No, really, coming to think of it, there wasn’t much to blog about today (yesterday). I’m getting more and more settled in my Linux environment, and since both test machines are occupied right now with other tasks, I hardly have a chance to try out and report about other Linuxes. And in-world reporting is also bad since Gaga starts immediately to spin up the fan with a whining nerve pinching noise, when I log into world, so I try to keep my stints into SL as short as possible.


Virtual Reality Headset Sales May Drop in 2017
Funny. For 5 minutes.

Heard about VR lately? Ya, me neither. Is the fad already fading out? Before it even started? Have the conservative computer and VW users won? Did our scepticism win the argument by … by just proving right? Again: No I’m not gonna pay 300 bucks for an octopus, an octopus  that just cries for even more computer power and some special hand held controllers … and wants me to empty out the lounge so I have enough space to stumble about, completely oblivious to the real world … and trip on neighbour’s sleepy cat while busy exploring Sansar’s many attractions and spending even more money to create my own special experience. There’s just the question which kinda experience would I make? Not saying I’m uncreative but I’m not interested enough to make some fashion lines or sailing yachts or motorcycles or whatever. If Sansar ever comes to pass, I can already predict right now that it will be a rather economical world unconnected experiences, based on commerce. Even more so than SL.

Virtual Reality Mask and Helmet | wordlessTech
I doubt most of us would look that sexy with an octopus in the face.


These are just 3 of many upgrades you can use on computer. What are ...

Computer Repair Lesbian told me today how stuff really is on the computer end users front out there. She tells me that most of her customers are majorly pissed off with Microsoft/Apple’s conduct lately. And how much they hate working in the respective systems. Only reason that holds most professional users back from switching to Linux is – believe it or not – email! Fuk … wot??? Email?

Microsoft Outlook indir - Microsoft e-Posta Programı

Yes, she told me many smaller businesses are conducting their business almost 100% with emails. So only thing Linux would need is a more fancy email client than the good, if aging, Thunderbird. Something like Microsoft’s Outlook for Linux, she tells me, and most of her customers would jump. Because what people really want is to sync their emails between computer and smartphone. I had no idea that this obviously ain’t possible in the Linux environment. Or that anybody could want/need such a functionality. Ignorant Orca didn’t even care about to ask what this Outlook software is. Heard about it here and there, decided I won’t need it, and consequently forgot about it.


10 Best Carry-On Bags for Every Traveler - Blog - Airfarewatchdog
We won’t need 10 bags. One is enough.

Inspired by countless YouTube videos we’ve decided to pack light, yes, even lighter than usual, for our next trip to Germany. One carry-on backpack and a small satchel/pouch for our tech stuff should be enough for two persons for two weeks. You don’t need to tell two Hamburgians how unpredictable the weather in northern Europe can be, particularly with the gobal climate change. But fortunately this will be a very urban inner city trip and we’ll always have more than enough shelter around us if the clouds break.

Carry-On Essentials with Proactiv® - Glitter, Inc.Glitter, Inc.
Yes to socks and headphones, NoNoNo to the books. And I’d pack my passport too.

Only one pair of shoes for each of us, two light pants/shorts and three or four t-shirts/tops, one fleece jacket, one rain jacket, one laptop for both of us. What we don’t have we can buy if we’re really missing something badly. Will prolly go for synthetic fabrics for the clothes, so we can wash and quickdry them shall the need arise. But many new clothes have built-in antistink and are anti-bacterial anyway. This will be so cool. Actually my first flight ever without checking in any luggage.

Airlines could shrink carry-on bag size - Jun. 10, 2015
But … we’re flying KLM. 😮


    • Same here, Sammie. An for that reason I only own one single lonesome bra, and that one stays at home when I go on travels. And you’d be surprised about how comfy modern synthetics are to wear, and how fresh they are even after days of wearing them and how fast they dry after washing. Modern synthetics are the fave clothes of vegans around the world. That would almost be a reason to go back to cotton. But cotton is too cold, too hot, sweaty, heavy, hard to clean, takes ages to dry and is all sorts of uncool. I accept cotton pretty much only in my jeans or other pants, and in t-shirts as long as they are still ok. But once a shirt needs to be replaced it’s gonna be merino wool or synthetics from now on.


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