Really Weird. :o

This morning I brought MiniMax and OrcNet to Computer Repair Lesbian, for some much needed TLC. Don’t get me wrong, MiniMax runs fine, everything in order on the software side. Manjaro/MATE are an unbeatable team when it’s about satisfying Orca. 😉 It was just one of the USB plugs doesn’t work anymore and the Power On/HDD LED went dark. So I asked Computer Repair Lesbian to look into it.

Completely different case with OrcNet, as that stupid little fussy refuses to let me install anything on it. Probably the Master Boot Record acting up again, or some system imminent Acer anti-Linux program doing its duty. WTF do I know?

Anyhoo, am on my new little hottie, Gaga, right now and using some other software combination. Powering the machine is Linux Mint Debian Edition LMDE, which is always a good and easy alternative. However, if you’re into Ubuntu-ish Linuxes you should maybe rather go with the normal point install of Mint, 18.1. According to Steve (English Bob) it’s “classy as f@$k”, even better than its sibling Ubuntu MATE:

So, yes, as I tell you since long: USE LINUX MINT MATE or CINNAMON AS YOUR FIRST BEGINNERS DISTRO! So, now! Hurry hurry. 😉

Of course what I did right away was installing Singularity alpha 6919 with Bento enabled. But not because of Bento but just too see if I can finally save snapshots to local HDD again. And what shall I tell you …


Orca in all her natural beauty! \o/ Hoo! \o/

So there must be some weird disconnect between Manjaro and Second Life. No, can’t be. I was able to save snapshots with exactly that combination since years, so why all of a sudden doesn’t it work no more???

Hm, was it maybe me? Fukin up something? And why did hubby send me this rather unflattering photo?


So many questions, so little wow. :..(


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