Manjaro LXQt: Stupid Shit, Don’t Use!

Hey there willing and unwilling but forced new uptakers of GNU/Linux OS on your computers. Just a brief, a very brief and short WARNING! You know how much Orca is a fangirl of Manjaro Linux. That doesn’t necessarily imply I’m a fangirl of every desktop environment any Manjaro affiliated geekadoodle is cooking up in their exploding kitchen. Some of Manjaro’s spins are stupid and downright dangerous. One of those is LXQt:

This screenshot I borrowed from Manjaro homepage, explanation in next photo …

Yes yes, I know this is an ultralight desktop and with that coming some compromises and less creature comforts. But what the maintainer Esclapion delivers here for Manjaro is not made to be used by human beings. Dunno if the distro is totally full with bugs or if this S&M dungeon was made so stupid in all earnesty.

Which doesn’t automatically mean that LXQt is automatically bad, I already had it installed on OrcNet 2 or 3 years ago and it was uncomfy but somehow usable. Reminded me of LXLE and Lubuntu and similar lighties. Only the new spin on Manjaro is like …. urgs, don’t even wanna talk about it. And the use of the Qt toolkit is a sign of trust into a better future. But unfortunately either Qt or Manjaro’s interpretation isn’t ready for the primetime yet. So, if you’re a Linux geek, go ahead and play your heart out … but for us sexy SL avies this is just shit!

LXQt failed even the easiest of Orca’s tests, like for example copying a snapshot on USB stick for transfer over to MiniMax.

Not going into details since a writeup of LXQt’s fails would take hours. Probably more time than the good Esclapion had used packaging it for the Manjaro infrastructure. Only one short word: FAIL!

As long as we’ve got heavenly MATE distros at our disposal, why bother with this stupid geekshit? And if you’re in desperate need for something ultralight for your granny’s underpowered netbook, well, there’s always LXLE and Lubuntu and many others.


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