Luna in My Garden

Wednesday, 15 Feb. 2017, around 9:00 A.M.


Despite serious water restrictions being in place since a couple days, I sneak out into the garden and sprinkle some of my more beloved plants. Usually we’re only allowed to sprinkle manually with a watering pot, half an hour on Tuesday and Friday before 8:00 in the morning or after 18:00 in the evening. But rebel Orca thinks heck, our humble two person household uses much lesss water than a family with dozens of kids, so it won’t matter if I try to keep my valuable bamboo alive, right? Bamboo needs lots of water. And that’s a fact.

So today, when I stepped out and started sprinkling I noticed someone or something was peeking over my shoulders. No, it wasn’t a snitch for the municipality. It was good old Luna, slowly retiring from her nightshift. Of course I had to take a snapshot. Pheeew, it’s easier said than done. Had to make my tripod ready since I was on full optical zoom in order to capture the moon. And for that the camera needed stabilization. And it’s not easy to convince the camera to focus on some micro-mini-small object in the sky when so many shrubs on ground level are fighting for attention.

Well, in the end I kinda managed to get a halfways decent shot of our one and only astronomical satellite.

Sometimes I wish a certain D. Trump could watch us struggle here. And then finally accept that Climate Change is indeed a thing. Although I guess the only thing he’d notice is that droughts in America are much dryer, the dryest in the world. No other nation comes even close to this dryness. They are great and devastatingly beautiful droughts. And Mexico will pay for it.


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