Jeremiah Spotter – A Celebration of his Life


Kinda shocked to hear about Jere’s passing. From what I hear it was a heart attack he suffered already in October. For more info please ask Silber Sands or Gemma Vuckovich. Silber also made a Flickr album for Jere. More important tho is to attend his Memorial Celebratory Cruise & Party on 18 February, 2pm.

RL Jere and RL Silber in RL Hamburg (2013)

I hope you all will attend. Even lazy Orca shall try to make it.


    • Yes, Jere was, like all Shiprats, a Fizzer. I guess most of them jumped directly from the Tako to the Fizz coz all they cared for was sailing around a triangle of buoys a.k.a. racing. It’s kinda fitting that he died at a time when SRYC also didn’t show any signs of life anymore.

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