Artsy Fartsy Orcsy

Whoa, this is sooo fukn cool:


This is a graphic editor called PhotoFiltre. It’s free and used to be available only in Windows. For ungeeky people like me it was more or less the easiest method to put some fanciness into my photos in an easy and uncomplicated way. Of course the amount of tools paled in comparison with industry giants like PaintShop and GIMP but it was a cool way to illustrate my bloggy. Could put text boxes in the photos or use it to make cruise charts for LCC n stuff like that. So when I got my first Linux I started immediately looking for it but to no avail. There was a halfhearted attempt to take PhotoFiltre in Linux repos by some nerd but it never came to fruition and some day I just gave up even looking. Just tried to live with The GIMP and learned to live with much less pimped photos because I was always much too lazy to learn all the geeky shit.

But some days ago, I dunno how exactly, I stumbled on PhotoFiltre LX, which looks kinda like PhotoFiltre’s bastard son or sumfink. Needless to say I installed it right away when I found it in the AUR and …


… immediately became the greatest artist alive! 🙂 Don’t ask me how I did that, or what effect this is … and the program crashed immediately after it put out this result anyway, but it’s kinda nice looking, no? And I’d never be able  to do anything like it with the GIMP.

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