Three Linuxes Salad. Is It Tasty?

Hey, just wanna show-off my new three desktop computer setup.

FLtR: MiniMe, MiniMax, Gaga

On MiniMe I’m running MaBox Linux in a long-term test, on MiniMax of course my super production system Manjaro Mate (case is, of course, not in the picture), and on Gaga I’m giving Manjaro LXQt another chance to impress me. It failed so far but that’s NOT Gaga’s fault.

About my latest addition, Gaga, I gotta say it wasn’t such a gaga decision to purchase that nifty Lenovo afterall. The Intel i3-4130T processor is snappier than MiniMe’s first gen i5-650, the HD is 320GB compared to MiniMe’s meagre 160GB and all USB connections are USB 3 and some are even powered. And look at it. Who could honestly say No to such a sexy little hottie? Good machine. Could it be better? Of course it could. Much better! I guess you get the same ultra small cases also with i5 and i7 procis, more RAM and bigger and faster storage, SSD and shit. But that would blow the prices out of proportion and make no sense.

Sisters Recipes... by Anna and Liz: Three Cheese Tortellini Salad
Yummy 3 cheese salad! Will whip one up later today coz it’s perfect on hot days like today … and with enough cheese and pasta even hubby loves it.

In case you wondered where OrcNet is … well, I obviously fucked it up. Badly. It refuses to accept anything to be installed on it. Will have to make an appointment with Computer Repair Lesbian soon. :/

seguici su facebook linuxfood linux linux food
Not really salad but still delicious?

About MaBox: That system really impressed me … at first. As a window manager it’s supposed to be as primitive as imaginable, not even a real desktop environment. But the developer, quite cleverly, added some LXQt stuff and other luxury items of real desktop environments into it. This is cool. On the other hand we both noticed that MaBox isn’t nearly as fast as it’s supposed to be. So if we have to accept all the compromises for no speed advantage, well, then MaBox has lost its purpose and we could stick with MATE as our travel system as well.

I didn’t do much with it admittedly but hubby used it in the last two nights and is, not full of praise, but he deems it totally workable. And I kinda promised him and myself to use it as main production system at least for today. I mean, else what kinda fuked up long-term test would that be, right? And, oy vey, already broke my word, as I’m still on MiniMax. Will change that right now … but lost the will somehow. As I said MaBox has lost its appeal for me and so I guess I’ll stay with the old and trusted. 😦


And that’s how it goes with Linux in general: Once you passed the initial stages of distrohopping and trying out every new Linux that comes along, you’ll find your personal nirvana some day. And from that moment on two thing will happen to you: You’ll enter a new level of awareness and wisdom and you’re happy and excited and serene like a little buddha at the same time. Of course if you are like Orca you won’t be able to shut up about it. 🙂 And secondly, on the technical side you now know enough about Linux to kinda clairevoyantly know what a certain Linux distro will be like … without ever installing and testing it. You’ll only need to read the release notes on DistroWatch and know what to expect. No further testing necessary. So in a way, despite being on the newest and freshest and most quickly developing computer operating system ever known to mankind, on the other hand you’ll become quite conservative and tend to stick with stuff that has proven its value.

I’ve found myself and my spiritual home in the Linux ‘verse. And so can you. =^.^=



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