Orca’s Got Issues :(

Good news first: Singularityviewer-Alpha is finally available from the Arch User Repository (AUR). While that’s a cool thing in itself since it saves Arch Linux users a lot bit of labour and downloads and installs the viewer with more or less a single terminal command, it often takes some time until the viewers are put into the AUR. You know this is all done by volunteering Linux geeks and SL fraggles. So if you’re really in a hurry to grab the latest nightly builds, or other stuff than just Singu and Firestorm you better follow the traditional route.

Very easy command: yaourt singularityviewer-alpha. After that just paint by numbers.

While Orca is a lot of things, traditional ain’t one of them. Oldfashioned, inflexible creature of habit, ya, but not traditional. She’s like super lazy and also not too sure how to properly install a software from its original source if it is not in Pacman or AUR. So she’s always very happy when she finds something so nifty, yet available so easily. So, yippie, sporting a brandnew Singu alpha viewer now.

There it is: Sinularity Viewer (64 bit) 1.8.7 (6919) freshly installed and ready to go. Just not for taking and saving photos. Geeky shit beats me. 😮

But all viewer coders are bringing out new versions all the time so why is this one so fukn special? Because it’s made for rendering Bento stuff. Cool. So for playing with the new Bento noggin the meaniepooface Trap is forcing me to switch to, I don’t need to get used to the convoluted mess that is the Firestorm/Phoenix viewer and can stick to the old and trusted Singu!

\o/ YAY! FUK YEAH! \o/

First login on the brandnew Singu 6919, hoping for the best. This is a Linux screenshot, so not really a much desired SL snapshot. 😦

Only one downside to this perfect setup and plan: Since a while Singu refuses to let me save any graphics (probably just anything) off the viewer on my SSD. That’s not particularly just the SSD, it won’t work on any of the hard drives on my other desktops neither. And some asking around in Second Life Linux circles didn’t get me any workable results yet.

\o/ SHITFUK! \o/

10 minutes later: Oh my, I lied. Just to verify my claim about not being able to save snapshots on my other computers neither I installed the same Singu 6919 on Gaga, which runs on the same Manjaro MATE as well, so nearly identical conditions. And I tried to make a quick snapshot and …

“Hello from the other side.”

Not even too shabby for a miniature computer without a graphics card, but onboard Intel HD4400 graphics. Not too shabby at all. Orca wasn’t even lagging. 😉 I mean it’s easy to make great looking snaps in a completely unaltered viewer and in 4000 meters height. I guess on ground level things won’t be that peachy anymore.

Now I’m flabbergasted. 😮

What I also noticed: On my good MiniMax when I open Singu viewer I get only a black window, not the usual broohaha of Linden promos n stuff. Just black. Also some media server or whatnot refuses to load, since half a year or so.

Login screen on MiniMax shows a friendly, minimalistic, spring fresh black. 😦

On Gaga on the other hand everything was as normal as can be. Weird. Also that thing you have to accept, that Virvox voice shit, showed up completely normal and had me click it while it wasn’t even showing completely on MiniMax and I could just close the box without accepting anything. Still let me login tho.

Login screen on Gaga shows everything is awesome.

Both Manjaro versions are on the same Kernel 4.9.9 and Unstable repo, just installed a couple days ago and totally up to date. Any SL viewer/Linux experts here? Could really use some help, please. Pretty pleeez… You know it’s part of my bloggerista job to show you snapshots from SL, so you see this is a matter of immediate urgency!


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