Tradewinds Yacht Club

Ok, let’s talk. And don’t get me wrong please, I don’t have any more info than you, probably less but here’s what happened to me and what I know:

[06:24 AM]  Tasha Kostolany: (Saved Sat 28 Jan 2017 11:11 AM) You have been ejected from ‘Tradewinds Yacht Club’ by Tasha Kostolany.
[06:27 AM]  Orca Flotta: Oh
[06:27 AM]  Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:27 AM]  Orca Flotta: me?
[06:27 AM]  Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:27 AM]  Orca Flotta: sweet little me?
[06:27 AM]  Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:27 AM]  Orca Flotta: whyyyyyyyy?
[06:27 AM]  Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

What? My good old friend, the sexy Tasha kicked my @§$ from one of my favourite yacht clubs? That beetch!

For complicated reasons it is only fair, that if you want to participate in the new Charter of Tradewinds TYC  you should make it your conscious choice to participation and join.   For this reason I am closing the old group.

Sail on people . .. .

Find the new group here
 Sorry everyone this all happens so fast. I was forced to make a new group. People want to silence me. They do not like us Sailing for Human Rights and the Planet.  The Pressure against me has been intense — I will not be silenced. We Sail for Human Rights. We Sail for Peer Reviewed Science. We sail for Real Facts — not Alternative Facts — Don’t let them tell you your voice, however small you think it is, does not matter. It matters. Every single thing we do right now, politically, culturally, socially, economically, EVEN IN SECOND LIFE has some sort of impact. It is never been more apparent us than now. Everything we do makes a statement — loud or quiet, small or large, meaningful to others or not. I and *WE* simply have to. It’s this critical.

Oh, so she made a new one. Everything is cool and I joined immediately. Don’t wanna go into internal politics but external RL politics got into TYC and some other founding member of TYC wasn’t happy about Tasha’s engagement and instead of supporting her struggle she got a lotta trouble and resistance from  fellow TYCers.

So TYC became a bit politicised … just a wee tiny bit.

To Tradewinds Members
From: Tasha Kostolany
Date:  January 11th, 2017
Our NEW Group — Join us

Dear Tradewinds Members

Tradewinds has always reflected  my personal values: of fairness to others (especially the little guy that doesn’t have a voice), of openness to a wide diversity of people; to an understanding that, we sailors understand this inhabit blue ball called earth with its seas and oceans that are so precious to us and critical to our humanity.  These values have * always *  been at the core of who I am, and reflective in how I ran my club – Tradewinds yacht Club. It’s the way I wanted to treat people. Open door – treat others by the Golden Rule, exactly how I wanted to be treated.  Together we would have a better place. Those are my values; and they have always been my values. From that foundation of value I wrote my charter for my club.

Well my values are under attack in real life. Principles of fairness, of equality of opportunity – principles and concepts of basic empathy towards others; basic values of Science, Critical Thinking are are being ridiculed in my country and many places around the world. Things that are so fundamentally basic to who I am and the people I care about.

People tell me that I should keep my real life separate from Second Life.  

I can’t do that.

I will not pretend it doesn’t matter to me that the foundation of what I believe in is under attack. What should have been obvious to others apparently hasn’t been obvious enough and if people misunderstood what ten years of me in Second Life stood for, or what Tradewinds Yacht Club stood for, then now is the time is make this VERY CLEAR to all.

Tradewinds Yacht Club  believes that we all live on one planet with a biosphere that need to sustain us all, for our children, and our children’s children. That there is overwhelming Scientific evidence that this  biosphere is under stress for a climate that supports human life and that other lifeforms on this planet are also under intense stress. We have ONE World. We need to protect it.

Tradewinds believes that Science has  shown that Homosapiens is the only extant human species, that the tree of humanity connects us all and we share 99.9% of our DNA with each other! We are One Race of People. We are all sentient beings and our communal strength comes from uplifting all of us – together, not driving us apart.

Tradewinds believes  that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men – Not more. And not less. But Equal.  It is often wrongly assumed that men can not be Feminist. The basic idea of Feminism revolves around the principle that just because human bodies are designed to perform certain procreative functions, biological elements need not dictate intellectual and social functions, capabilities, and rights. We are all sentient beings and our communal strength comes from uplifting all of us — together

Tradewinds believes that love, is love, is love . . . that the only thing obscene about two consensual adults – be is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer  — is the judgmental hate from others wanting to impose their narrow mindedness on all of us. We believe (again) that we are all sentient beings and our communal strength comes from uplifting all of us – together.

These are the core values of Tradewinds (and of mine) from which Tradewinds has always existed though only expressed in action not words.

It is conceivable that there will be members who joined Tradewinds under the misapprehension that Tradewinds stood for something else. These people will have to now rationalize their cognitive dissonance — taking advantage of a community of people and still holding beliefs that are counter to what makes that community work.

Let it be VERY clear. These values are not negotiable.  

Because of these values, Tradewinds looks the way it does, Acts the way it does, and is the way it has been  from day one. It will always be so.

Effective immediately, The charter of Tradewinds Yacht Club has been changed to more clearly reflect what should have been so obvious before – and apparently needs to be stated more forthrightly.

All my best

Tasha Kostolany

Consequently she closed the  group and founded a new one. Don’t ask me how she justified this rather drastic measure or how she had the power to do so. But it is like  that now. So today I went to Dex to have a look at the club and if the internal struggle has left any marks and scars.

The famous Red Shack finally lives up to its name! 🙂

Why Tasha Made a New Tradewinds no Co-Founder

Please Re-join Tradewinds

Sorry co-founder of group demanded I stop standing for human rights. When we made the group — together — so many years ago she paid the 100L for the group, so it was her name that appeared on the group as the founder — We both wanted to be founder, and I let her because I cared about her more than myself. She never had any interest in sailing from the beginning.

 So as “Founder” (even though she voluntarily left the group many years ago) she called Linden Labs and had them forceably remove me as owner and reinstalled herself as owner.  She told me I was making a fool of myself and I was demeaning Tradewinds which she never had any interest in whatsoever,

She knew this was wrong.

She made me promises, in a contingent of being reinstated as owner, that I would refrain from doing any more of that “political stuff” — she called it “spreading hate” —  then she refused to leave as owner of the group herself but was going to sit on me to make sure I kept my word.

The only way I could get back as owner of Tradewinds was to promises to not do what  I have to do. I was left with no choice but to gut the group and started a new one. One that does not have a Co-Founder

We had almost 3,000 members in Tradewinds and apparently almost no one got the notice I sent that I have to close the group and start a new one. So everyone thought I just kicked them out of the group.

Please Rejoin Tradewinds   

Do Black Avie lifes matter as well? Because, well, you know we can be what we like to be and switch appearances in seconds.

What now? I honestly don’t know what to think about all what’s going on at TYC. You know I love and adore Tasha. Always did. But I can understand her adversaries as well. Many Americans are probably equally disappointed with the outcome of presidential election as Tasha is. But they see SL as a kinda exile into a more colourful, more sexy and more funny world, as an escape from their RLs. They don’t wanna be reminded of what’s going on around them in RL. Maybe Tasha was a bit unsensitive towards these people.

Tasha’s boat sports the perfect name. know it’s easy for me, as a decidedly un-American foreigner alien from the little, insignificant rest of the world, which ain’t part of the American Empire yet, to dismiss all that shit as childsplay, as kiddies nonsense. For us it’s hard to even grasp their actual set of problems since we’re over all that shit since 50 and more years. Gov’mental racism towards back people? Trump and Clinton not rotting away in jail cells? Police stealing your stuff to finance their own weaponry? All that is unbelievable for most of us, unthinkable even. It’s like a screenplay for a Black Mirror episode. But for Americans it is very real, they indeed have to live with that shit! In so far I can understand why Tasha and many of her liberal and lefty peers are so irritated right now.

American police state: Murderous militarized police use SWAT teams to ...
American Police.

And me personally, well you know me, I just have to love the new, the fighting TYC!




    • I guess one doesn’t need to be prescient in order to get into Tasha’s peculiar situation. One just needs principles and believes, an ideology so to say. If your principles are strong enough you automatically get into trubbels with them powers that be. It’s only logical, Luna.

      It’s a bit like the legend of Orca and forums bans:

      Mod: Call me “asshole” once more and you’re out!
      Orca: That’s blackmailing, a real asshole move.
      Mod: Ok, gonna kick your commie ass!
      Orca: Assho…
      Mod: *** Permaban on Orca Flotta ***


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