Let’s Talk

Honest and openly. About the SL Sailing Forum, the WTWB forum as it was also known. With Bea having closed her SL account our forum is about to die. Pretty soon if not one individual avie or a group of you contact Bea privately and come to a solution regarding the future of the old forum.


But here’s another question: Do we even want the forum to survive? I always thought our community is so small it doesn’t need more than one forum. And with the new forum going strongly (I guess) we have that one forum, so we could let the old one die in peace. Yaya, I know, of course the new forum isn’t a dream environment for a real forum, a lively forum made for real people and avies, but maybe you/we can change that if enough old forum members join the new one. But let’s not forget, the new forum is controlled by millenials, and we all know how allergic they are to any sort of freedom and open discussions and how they love spying on the forum members and how wicked they are trying to defend their positions. So I would rather not become a member there. Not again.

But I might have found a third way for a forum for us ultra radical democratic oldbies …



Found these two sites after just a couple of seconds researching the interwebz. Looks easy, right? Just register, get a forum, make it beautiful or useful for the needs of a small but fine community of virtual sailors … and tell Orcsi to post about the good news. There you go!



I already checked briefly and from what I’ve found out WordPress won’t offer a good platform for a forum. The comment section below blogposts is as far as it goes. But these two and more services would allow us to make a new forum, a real one … for free and without any contractional hassles. But there is one caveat: Don’t count on me. While I’d love to host even large comment sections inside this bloggy (the last surviving “SL Sailing blog” as I was told), which is clear since I love to have lots of traffic here, I won’t be available to spend much time with managing a real forum as well. But I’d be willing to help setting it up and kinda jumpstart it with some propaganda from this blog. 🙂

Web Hosting,Hosting Providers, SEO,Digital Marketing Agencies in ...So that’s my idea. What do you peeps think about it? And who’s gonna do it? I guess like every forum, the new one would need 1 owner, maybe 1 admin   and 2 or 3 moderators. What else? No fukn idea. But just so you know to found a new SL Sailing Forum isn’t rocket science, it’s fairly easy and doesn’t need much or any sort of geekyness. Heck, you could be a brainless dummie like Orcs. All it needs is the right attitude!

Alternatively we could of course start small, with a kinda pseudo forum on this here bloggy. Friends, my offer stands as always: Ask me for an invite and I’ll send you one. Then you can go wild in here. So if you wanna discuss sailing matters it’s even easier than founding your own forum. All you need is a co-blogger status on Thar She Blows! and the SL Sailling world is your oyster.

Lucy and Xena could start making Thar She Blows a SL Sailing blog again. Or turn it into a forum or or or …

Or, and this is also a doable solution: Why not creating a kinda web presence for the whole community, something like we already head in place in the past. All sailing bloggers, photogs, product sites, forums, under one roof. The forum or a SL Sailing headblog could be the anchor or roof for all that. Call it SLSA blog/forum or whatever and invite all the individuals to become part of something bigger. And once people see there are already some ppl active on the web, they might feel inspired to join in and start their own blogs and join the network. We could have very nichey stuff, like a hotlaps blog or a permanent hotlaps subforum in forum, or Saturday Shields races. Or someone make a blog just about our cruising clubs, LCC, Rainbow, Topless.

I remember TYC once had a very lifely forum linked to their own website. That was even nicer than the “real” forum. 🙂

So even if you only have one story in you, or you’re not really a photographer but made some nice snapshots of the last NYC Nemo races, you can always find a way to publish your stuff in the SL Sailng Community’s web presence. Wouldn’t that be fun?

And now, people, get your bums in motion. The interwebz is a funny place to do whatever you fancy. So fukn do it!



  1. Or maybe just join an already established, well developed forum of over 400 real people that yes, wont allow discussions to degrade people, programs, clubs, and organizations. A place that won’t allow discussions to degenerate to name calling, and general political battles – but certainly loves well developed, intelligent and interesting topics to be discussed. So come on by and join http://www.virtualworldsailing.com if that’s what you are looking for.
    If you are looking for starting fights, people badmouthing people, and people with general lousy behavior, I’m sure you’ll find someplace else.


    • Maiti, as I’ve already mentioned your forum in my post you should know I’m not a fan of it. Because who’s in power there to make decisions about what’s degrading and name calling or what’s a political battle? And who’s to judge what lousy behaviour is? A bunch of millenials with not an inch of political education? And we should join them?
      If I had a forum there would be blood on the dancefloor. And dead bodies. It’s all better than a forced peace and warped definitions of what’s good and bad and acceptable. Joining your forum after all you and your team did there?
      Thanks but no thanks. But that’s anybody’s individual decision I guess.


    • Rather funny comment by Maiti, as the last “discussion degrading people, programs, clubs, and organizations… the last discussion that degenerated to name calling, and general political battles…” (including propaganda for NRA and even worst), was signed by Maiti herself, is dated 2014, and resulted in her ban from the WTWB Forum and is the starting point of her own forum.

      And regarding “developed, intelligent and interesting topics”, the WTWB forum remains unequalled, with thousands times more content than anything else, including collaborative open project, sl sailing R&D and enhancements, training and much more. For that reason, a full backup will be made available for those intesrested in using part of this content.

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      • \o/ WHOOHOO! \o/
        Béa! How nice to hear from you.Thought you’d be sulking in your corner with steam coming outta your sexy ears. But, no, here you are. Right in Orcsi’s blog, where all we old salts find a retirement home. Yes, you’re right about the old forum’s rich and long history. It’s really kinda shame to see it being closed but after Maiti’s coupé de etat and installation of her own revenge forum who can you really blame for losing interest in SL Sailing now? I guess it’s just a sign of the times. Same as in RL we’re spurting towards a more and more fascist future, ruled by corporations instead of governments, ruled by greed and ego instead of intellect, fairness and diversity.

        Béa, you did what you could to keep the sinking ship afloat as long as possible, with Orca helplessly and needlessly rearranging the deck chairs … but now it’s time to take a last breather before we turn into food for the sharks.

        Love ya xoxoxo


    • Ah yes! I expected the last gasp of the dying french rat coming out of its hiding spot and dying in the middle of the basement floor, stinking up the place. If that statement is the last one, it’s due to the “clean up job” you did after my departure where over a third of your “forum” disappeared – not to be seen again in a desperate attempt to cover your despicable tracks. If anyone disputes that just look for any traces of the “election” Bea put up for moderator, just to take down when the real results didn’t suit him. You wont find any of it anywhere. Just one minor example of the cleansing done by this lying , obnoxious scumbag

      The fact is your forum isn’t going because you lost interest, its you are going because people lost interest in your forum and you long ago. Nobody wanted the blood sport you attracted and promoted. My only true satisfaction is that I have survived in real life long enough to see you go, and I hold that as just one of the many important contributions I have made for SL sailing.

      Brûler dans l’enfer, vous mentez, morceau de sournois scumbag. Allez faire semblant d’être une femme dans un autre endroit.


      • Maiti, in all fairness, if anyone introduced bloodsports to the forum it was you. Maybe that unspeakable doofus Don Berithos before you but he wasn’t even capable of doing any harm to the community. You on the other hand did your best to wilfully and purposely … and successfully hack the community into 2 parts.


        • Actually Orca you conveniently forget All the folks engaged in bloodsports long before I came on the scene. There were many many people ripping into each other, including you, with MTW as a favorite target, But there was Don, Kent, You, Bea, and many many others, long before I was even around.

          Lest you forget I was publicly attacked when it was announced i was to be Commodore of Starboards, before I even assumed the position. So don’t go rewriting history like you and they commonly do, that forum was nothing more than a place for bloodsports, and drunken or drug induced Non sequitur postings ripping people such as myself , and MTW and L’objectif de la journée. All that was going on long before I came along.

          As for dividing the sailing community, I didn’t do that, it was already there. YOU yourself have made statements that there were a handful of people that were competitively racing and “all the others that didn’t matter”. Fact is to me and others, they did matter and made up the true SAILING COMMUNITY. They didn’t know who the hell these vicious assholes were on that forum, and that’s why I gave them a place to go, a place where they didn’t have to engage in bloodsport any time they made a statement. You Can’t deny that was happening, and you Can’t deny that when many complained about it were told directly to get lost. Bea , Don and even you were among those who did that. So Blame yourselves. I helped, with other like minded people, to produce an alternative, one that as we can easily see, people wanted and like to visit and participate in on their own terms, without fear of reprisal.

          Finally to this BS about removal of content, never happened, although Bea can’t say the same. I STILL have the screen shots of many posts in her forum made by him and some of the others named that are no longer there. In VWS everything is there, yes threads were closed when they became repetitive, back and forth BS and added no new information and de-evolved to just uninteresting arguments,
          That’s how REAL forums are run.. Proof is in the results. Constant Growth, no alts to boost fake membership numbers, information and news reported civilly. and items discussed. What people want. Can’t argue with numbers or success. Yes, you and some of the others may not like it. That’s what is great about most of the world, choice. And that’s what we gave people, Choice. And the truth is now clearly apparent what people’s choice is and was. It’s really that simple. If you chose not to participate and act like an adult that’s your choice. Good luck to you

          And that’s all I have to say concerning these matters, its very old news, anymore is the same crap as that forum with the she said, he said over and over. Anyone that is really interested in ancient history can check the facts themselves.

          I’ll also close with one thing Orca. You and I were supposed to have an agreement to leave each other at least alone.
          I expect you to live up to your end of it as I have. Continue to whip up lies and further attacks on me and life will be come very difficult again. I think we both don’t need that. Live up to your end of the agreement.


          • No Maiti, I usually don’t forget anything. Stuff you made up cannot be forgotten … because it never happened. Who are the “vicious assholes” you’e talking about. Before your arrival nothing vicious did ever happen. You really must have the world’s weakest nerves or smallest tolerance of criticism to call anything happening before your arrival bloodsports. Not even my legendary “bloodsports” with Don falls into that category. The super thick Don always believed I didn’t mean what I said while I viewed our bickering merely as an exercise in flyswatting. Go on, there’s nothing to see here. Similarly with MTW and Nber: Same as most of us I had them figured out quite quickly and decided to mostly ignore them. I don’t know Ken well enough and I hardly ever had any contact with him. Only thing I noticed was that he didn’t seem to be very nice. Oh yes, he liked to attack me for a while, dunno why, probably because I was just myself. And again he wasn’t important enough to get all riled up. Bloodsports? None of you are worthy to engage in a bloodsports battle with!.

            “threads were closed when they became repetitive, back and forth BS and added no new information and de-evolved to just uninteresting arguments,”
            Decides who?

            “Constant Growth, no alts to boost fake membership numbers, information and news reported civilly. and items discussed.”
            Don’t you have to shudder yourself whe you’re reading stuff like that? I prefer to share my forum with 12 unknown MTW alts before I would spy on him and find out. Heck, I use SL as intended by its makers: Every avie is on its own account. That’s how we are treated by LL and that’s how I treat everybody in SL as well. Béa is a female avie so for me she’s a woman. Easy peasy. Does she have alts, maybe even male alts? Fuk do I know, and fuk do I wanna know. My 3 altsisters and 1 altbrother are no secret, but it was my decision to make them public. I don’t expect to do the same from anybody else. I’m not the fukn NSA or CIA or FBI or whatever!

            “Can’t argue with numbers or success.”
            And why would I argue with such an insignificant fact? What happens in your forum interests me even less than what happens in WTWB forum.

            “That’s what is great about most of the world, choice. And that’s what we gave people, Choice. And the truth is now clearly apparent what people’s choice is and was. It’s really that simple. If you chose not to participate and act like an adult that’s your choice. Good luck to you”
            Oh yes, you gave them the choice between a supposed bloodbath in WTWB forum and the iron heel in VWS forum. Thank you, I prefer to abstain from that choice. And your last sentence kills already all your alleged friendlyness because if someone only shows their adulthood by submitting to your police state forum, than I prefer to spend the rest of my academic life in kindergarten and freedom.

            “And that’s all I have to say concerning these matters, its very old news, anymore is the same crap as that forum with the she said, he said over and over.”
            And again: I much prefer people having a long long looong he said she said argument over a forum that deletes such arguments just because the childish and intellectually overburdened mods are deleteing threads they aer unfit to follow or understand.

            “Continue to whip up lies and further attacks on me and life will be come very difficult again.”
            And again your fascist mindset shows. You are obviously not capable to discern between truth and lie and confuse your attacks with my non-attacking statements. And closing that with an open threat shws you back to your old form, Maiti. Oh btw, how do you wantz to make things “difficult again”? I never had any difficulties in SL, apart from technical stuff. It’s a friggin shame but why must you be such a drama queen. You want your forum minions to witness your behaviour here?


      • Ah yes! I expected Maiti showing her true nature, always a pleasure:
        a very nice person, very measured, always with a polite approach, never into name calling, no bullshits, no lies, never a false statement without providing evidences, not at all hateful nor extremist behaviour / saying / writing.
        Nothing new. Nothing to comment. No time for that.

        One point however, not personnal: Since the start of her succesfull VWS forum in August 2014, the WTWB forum displays 12169 posts (on a total of about 23000). VWS Forum counts 5848 posts only in the same laps of time.
        Loss of interest?


  2. Maiti, I am a member of your forum, where I don’t recall ever starting fights, badmouthing people or behaving badly. My interest in posting isn’t limited to sailing topics and certainly not politics, though I do have them. I don’t understand why you’d think I’m looking for trouble … or am I misreading your reply?


  3. Hi Luna, And I’m sorry if you mistook my comment was directed at any one person – let alone you, because it was certainly was not.
    I pointed out those sorts of things, because those were some of the main reasons for starting a second forum, Virtual World Sailing, which remains today. I also pointed them out because of the original posting made by Orca where she made comments concerning VWS, comments the current membership of VWS would not agree with in the least!
    So please don’t take my statement as it was directed toward any specific person, All are welcome there, the rules of the forum are few and well posted. The vast majority of the public whom try it, like it, and get along quite well, in thoughtful and helpful ways. The VERY few whom come for unpleasantness are dealt with in a professional manner, as anyone would expect in a well run forum.

    I’m sorry if you or anyone else were confused by my original comment.


    • “the original posting made by Orca where she made comments concerning VWS, comments the current membership of VWS would not agree with in the least!”
      That’s exactly why I’m so afraid of them! They are indeed willing to trade in free speech for peace and quiet. And I bet nobody said anything against your spying on Anu and Béa, right? That’s sooo pathetic.


  4. Ahoy Orcsi ^^

    On forum, my main interest in forums is a central place were to place race results and to share news of general interest in a central place. Some use to publish their stuff only in their own blog, what makes it less visible, not everybody uses to or even want to go daily through multiple sites. Okies, VWS can fit this need even if they have a politics of closing threads as soon as any disagreement appears – I can live with this, but cannot say for others.

    As far as visibility, I noted that same thread in both forums, slsailing uses to have much more views than VWS, indicating more popularity of the first (but this can be due to a difference in viewing counting – unique in last N hours X total views or unnique in less time – counting same viewer more times).

    I am not really eager to involve in a new project as running a forum, as I am again alone in TrYC (Xena left SL a few months ago), and have my own projects, most of them in a hold but that I want to continue.

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  5. That’s a bummer about Xena. 😦 Well, I shall start a little bit of TrYC propaganda and try to catch some more activists to start action there. We have such a nice artificial lagoon with our very own startline and a yacht painter directly in the sim, for when you need a fresh layer of paint after a PROTEST situation … and Anu’s motorboat store in the sim next door. Perfect. If I was still fresh and highly motivated I would kill for the much revered TrYC RD tag. 🙂 And then I’d start races on all days of the week and for all boat classes. But I’m too old and tired for that now, so why not give the youngsters a chance to prove and establish themselves?

    You’re right about not wanting to go through multiple sites each day. I do it though. But I rarely ever check the forum. There are much more interesting blogs and RL sites to check out. I rather check Inara Pey and Berry Singh, NWN and Natasha Randt every day than the sailing forum once a week. 🙂


  6. @Lucy, your point about closing threads due to disagreement is interesting, and a good reason to be on a more open forum with reasonable limits. Debate is good, abuse is not, and good admins know the difference. Nothing wrong with deleting offensive posts intended to inflame, but stifling fair debate can be counterproductive, as everyone well knows.

    As for visiting multiple blogs, yes, that can be a pain and a waste of time, which is one reason I’m interested in this blog: It has a well-established readership. Good job, Orca! 🙂

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    • ZZ, you know I’m not often in world anymore, and when I am I quickly delete all the IMs without reading. Maybe that’s why I missed RHC (whatever that may be) and Kitten’s bir… wait, I guess it must’ve been her anniversary as cruise dierctor. Whoa! Congratz kitten. 1000 years of leading the LCC sunday cruise from strength to strength. Well done, you. xoxoxoxo

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