I have a bad feeling about this. No, really. This isn’t just to quote a famous Star Wars quote but what I’m feeling right now, at this stage of my life. Man, I’m suffering under the unstoppable barrage of words, world views, qualified and stupid, progressive, liberal, backwards, conservative, brutal, peaceful, sad, aggressive, all alike. And I get the bad feeling it won’t stop but will become worse, grow to new heights of hateful shit.


Just take these two blogs as an example: Strawberry Singh and Pussycat Catnap are probably my most fave bloggeristas, not only in the realm of SL but like overall. They both are wise, or at least clever, know their shit … and – contrary to Orcs – they know how to put it in English words.

And then see the amount of hate that they get just for expressing their honest opinions. See, that’s all a bit much. As much as I like to fight and discuss and as much as I think of myself as a political person, this barrage of wildly fired hatred, this uncivilized and brutal shouting down has no place in any political discussion. And it’s not welcome in my world. Just no.

And then again I’m not totally with either Berry nor Pussy in their opinions. Trump’s Muslim ban is indeed a ban against citizens from 7 countries, based on politics, not religion, so the anti-ban movement, as sympathetic as I feel about it, is based on some warped pseudo truth. Better than “alternative facts” but why not just stick with the unaltered, unedited facts? Your case would still be strong enough. And many people would feel happier supporting it. Of course Trump must be fought. But for the right and correct reaons, please.

And Pussy: Trump is as bad as any creature can be, an insufferable asshole. But he ain’t a klansman and no Russian puppet. Again, just sticking with the good old, unfashionable truth wouldn’t make your reasoning less worthwile. Wording it like you did you reduced your well-meant opinion to just another voice in the chaos choir. Adding to the already much too high noise to signal ratio.

There are too many options for even having a clear opinion these days, it’s all a double-sided sword these days. See the Clinton vs. Trump debate. Yes, Clinton is a woman (+) but she’s also a criminal (-) and a pathological liar (-). And Trump is an unspeakable bigot (-) a misanthrope (-), a far right capitalist (-), an egomaniac shitbag (-) but he also stopped TPP (+) and tries to stop aggression towards Russia (+), while starting a shooting war with Iran (-).

And that’s exactly why I’m so withdrawn and quiet about all that political stuff lately. I don’t understand the world anymore! I lost my bearing. Aaaand why do we even know about all this, why must we care about some corrupt politicans in a land far away, on the far shores of another continent? What interest is it of the European people which asshole will be their next president? See, they don’t , or shouldn’t have, any influence on our lifes if we don’t let them. But obviously most of us are just too curious (it’s like watching a trainwreck happening right in front of our eyes) and fascinated by that shit, so we give them too much room, too much importance to meddle with our business.


Let’s see, back in the late 70s when I first formed a political idea in my romanticised young teenie brain the world was a much easier place. In Germany we basically bad 3 political parties, and they all had their programs … and kinda stuck with them. We had the ruling Social Democrats (SPD), and in the opposition we had the Christian Democrats (CDU) with their very junior partners, the Liberals (FDP). And you could really feel, and almost see who voted for which party. Because all was so very clear. There were the good and nice people – intellectuals, artists, writers, teachers, professors, workers, unionists – who voted Social Democrats and then there were the @§$holes – capitalists, ex-nazis, tax-fraudsters, army generals, old nazi judges, bullies, gangsters, sociopaths, suits – who voted for the rightwing parties.

So there was a clear border, a trench, a fission in the matrix nobody ever crossed over. Life was so nice and easy. Once a year your daddy took you by the hand and you went for the May “demonstrations”. Back then they never ended in fights with the police, as we basically celebrated ourselves, our workers unions and our republic (no, that wasn’t in the communist east but in free western Germany). Even the mayors and other politicians attended those rallies. All that has changed in the last 40 years, not at least due to Germany’s drift to the right under Kohl and Merkel and ever closer relations with America. And from then on life became less funny and turned into a stressfull fight, a bad situation to be in. It’s maybe because as WW2 and the remembrance of it went further back in time, people felt drawn towards repeating the same mistakes from the 1930s.

It was like people became dumber by the minute. With dwindling reading and writing capabilities they also became more conservative, more brutal, less sophisticated, less reasonable, less sensible, more egoistical, and they lost the ability to discern between good and bad. They lost the ability to differentiate!

And that’s the situation we’re living in right now. We’re besieged and barraged by unbelievable amounts of unbelievable stupid bullshit every day, 24/7. Have we entered the age of stupidity?

A depressive Orca. 😦

As you can see in the pic I’m naked. Because that’s how I feel every day when I fire up my interwebz browser and become bombarded with the same bullshit like yesterday and the day before yesterday. There’s me without any armour, only protected by my fairly thick skin and my unfailing ability to pretend I’m the  town’s idiot.  Or am I? And the siege will go on tomorrow and the day after tomorrow  and on and on and on …

And meanwhile we can just sit and wait with baited breath what’s really going to happen. Will TTIP happen and will 320 million Europeans lose a lot of their human rights, will Trump bomb Iran for some freely invented reason, a badly disguised lie as we all know? Will some so-called democrat attempt an assasination of Trump, or will the 3rd World War finally scrub this planet of the human scourge? It wouldn’t even be the least favourable solution if you ask me. Just make it quick, will ya?



  1. I to am worried but in a way Trump is good because he wakes people up to how bad things can get. Trouble is if people don’t wake up and stay awake we are going down the sewer.


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