Nice Surprise


Me? My harmless little niche bloggsy? How and why did that happen? Are there even that many residents left in SL? Or have so many clever people swapped their stupid WindowMacs for ultraclever Linux distros?

Oh, I know what caused this ripple in the force: I reblogged the latest Inara Pey post and must have gotten some additional clicks, sucking from her popularity. So thx Inara, thx all my new (if only temporary) readers but most of all a heartfelt Thank You to all you poor fraggles sticking with this blog since a time before time. Don’t you sometimes miss the quiet, almost intimate atmosphere of this blog when it was just you and me, having a private conversation? I do. Now we’re thousands, millions, fantastillions of OrcaBlog readers and this place slowly turns into a mass media phenomen, something it never aspired to be, something that never was supposed to happen. 😮

Still it feels so good. 🙂


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