Next Day, Same Computer

So, little Orca did the trek into the even further away suburbs again today, stormed into that computer store and told them what a piece of crap Gaga is. The guys there went like, let’s test … and put Gaga on a workbench and booted her up … only to find out there was nothing to boot into. 😮 Yeah, clever me had reformatted the hard drive a couple times before returning the machine. Sooo, they installed Win10, and you all know what a drag that is and how long it takes. Anyway, once Windows was installed the boss personally showed me how fine everything works. Windows booted up and ran satisfyingly spunky, not as dragging as I experienced yesterday. We switched the computer off for at least a dozen times, no problems. So all ok on the Windows front. Of course we couldn’t really test the Intel HD graphics since none of us was in the mood to download a SL viewer or any game at all. But of course the boss guy felt it necessary to tell me that Intel onboard graphics aren’t supposed to be abused for gaming and blah blah …

Abusing Gaga by playing in SL: Both snapshots made with totally standard, untweaked graphics. 96 meters DD is bad, compared to the 128 meters I get from Singularity.

Of course I told him that even the much older onboard graphics of MiniMe were better quality than what Gaga showed us. But he kinda ignored it and just said Gaga is much newer so it MUST BE BETTER!!! So, now I’m sitting at my desk at home, testing Gaga’s graphics with Singularity (looks good but won’t  let me save snapshots) and Firestorm/Phoenix (looks like total crap but let’s me at least make some photos).

The worst thing tho is … look at Triumphal’s lagoon, people. See that there is nothing to look at. Dafuq?

Anyway, gonna keep Gaga now, she’s just too cute and a nicely capable distro tester. Will have to conduct more tests with SL graphics and photo saving and stuffz. And once nothing works I can still return her …


    • Because only Singu and FS are in the AUR. Installing viewers directly from source is too complicated for me. Oh, and SL viewer is too V3-ish, and I hate that fucked up interface.


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