Xi’s AirStrip

Rivers Bend AirStrip

I didn’t talk to Xi Larnia in a damn long time. After she quit her RD “job” at TrYC we kinda lost contact and went the typical way of oldbies in SL, slowly fizzling out. Little did I know she was still active, only with different vehicles. Flying things in her case. 🙂



Here’s the heavily edited version of the interview I led with Xi a couple days ago on her private airfield in Sansara:

Xi Larnia and Orca

[07:00] Orca Flotta: i read about the place in Kinnaird’s blog
[07:00] Xi Larnia: so what brought you to my little broken down airstrip?
[07:00] Xi Larnia: ah! okies
[07:01] Orca Flotta: and just had to have a peek and snap some piccies for my bloggy
[07:01] Orca Flotta: this place has real atmosphere
[07:01] Xi Larnia: heee.. people seem to like it
[07:01] Orca Flotta: much nicer than  all the other “perfect” airports
[07:02] Xi Larnia: I really dislike those perfect airports
[07:02] Orca Flotta: i’m not a pilot but i guess it’s not the easiest place to get to and to land here .. with all the fog
[07:02] Xi Larnia: fog is only at night
[07:02] Orca Flotta: huh?
[07:02] Xi Larnia: SL’s night. It’s on a timer
[07:05] Orca Flotta: easy landing during the days
[07:05] Orca Flotta: but isn’t the area full of banlines n shit?
[07:05] Xi Larnia: well, easy as can be when you have to decend down through the canyon
[07:06] Orca Flotta: ugh
[07:07] Xi Larnia: not meant to be an easy place to get to. I leave that for all the “perfect” airports
[07:07] Orca Flotta: yeah right
[07:08] Orca Flotta: and as you wrote in the land info, it’s best with a jungle plane or so
[07:14] Xi Larnia: pretty much designed for “bush planes”
[07:15] Orca Flotta: ok bush planes

Xi underwent quite a personality change since she quit the SLCG and sailing community

[07:15] Orca Flotta: are those here bush planes?
[07:15] Xi Larnia: yes, the three here?
[07:15] Xi Larnia: they are designed for short take off and landings on rough fields
[07:16] Orca Flotta: cool, maybe i should get me one of those
[07:16] Xi Larnia: they are fun, slow, easy to fly, and fun
[07:16] Orca Flotta: i guess i have only one plane, a very old savoia seaplane from the porco rosso anime movie
[07:16] Orca Flotta: super
[07:16] Orca Flotta: slow and easy is right up my alley
[07:19] Orca Flotta: anyhoo
[07:20] Orca Flotta: i guess i’ll get me one of these here and start flying
[07:20] Orca Flotta: is the last sort of vehicles i didn’t really give a chance yet
[07:21] Xi Larnia: you should. Those are Supercubs there.. I often fly a Stinsen Voyager from DSA
[07:21] Orca Flotta: my latency is still too long
[07:21] Xi Larnia: maybe you need a balloon?
[07:21] Orca Flotta: or a heli
[07:22] Orca Flotta: or i just use one of my non-phys blimps
[07:22] Xi Larnia: my Heli is up on the pad over there. the cubs are renters
[07:22] Orca Flotta: you rent them out?
[07:22] Xi Larnia: the spots
[07:22] Orca Flotta: uh ok
[07:23] Xi Larnia: they have all been there since I opened the place, so I guess they like it
[07:24] Xi Larnia: sun should be up soon, then the fog will go away
[07:55] Xi Larnia: yesyes… and sorry to say, I need to run
[07:56] Xi Larnia: I hope you enjoyed my little airstrip 🙂
[07:56] Orca Flotta: yes, me too i guess
[07:56] Orca Flotta: was nice meeting you hun
[07:56] Orca Flotta: laterz
[07:56] Xi Larnia: heee.. don’t be a stranger.. strange yes, stranger no
[07:56] Xi Larnia: 🙂
[07:56] Orca Flotta: /kisses
[07:56] Orca Flotta: strange is no prob for me 😉

With the fog gone Xi’s little airstrip shows Sansara at its beautifullest oldstyle terraforming and landscaping

After the interview and a short stint into RL I scooped out the builder of those fabled bush planes, which to me looked just like older Pipers. And they were indeed. 😉 Amazingly adorable little planes. Of  course I had to check out Tank Kwaszes, the builder behind Laminar Systems. And indeed I found my PA18 Supercub at his inworld store and …

The proud owner in her Supercub. 😉
After various tries to get that thing off the ground for longer than 10 seconds but always ending up at the airport wall …
… I kinda give up. 😮 Hey, I thought those planes are super easy to fly???

PS: Just contacted Xi, and she thinks I’m trying to gain height too fast and stall the plane. 😦 Oh my, I have stupid freebie planes, for example Linden’s Premium gift, which just starts without any problems. FFS. Yes, from all my airplanes the Lindy gave me the least trubbels if I remember correctly.

Anyhoo, I shall try to get the Piper off the ground again tomorrow.



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