More About Gaga

Okay, our new computer’s got an official name now: Gaga, after my mental state when I bought it. Anyhoo, first Operating System I installed, and replaced Windows 10 with, was of course a Linux. But very untypical for me I put a KDE onto Gaga. KaOS is a nifty, kinda untypical KDE, on which I will ask hubby, to give us some more detailed info later.

The KaOS desktop is very very simple, totally not like we usually know KDE.
The writing module is also an untypical one. I even forgot the name* now, but it’s obviously a rather nifty software.
  • It’s Calligra, you tool!!!
Internet browser is Firefox’s lightweight Qupzilla alternative. I found it pretty usable but a bit light on features.
KDE’s Dolphin is said to be the bestest file manager … okeeee. If they say so.

That’s what I think about KaOS after playing with it for 3 minutes. The frustation level was astonishingly low, something I didn’t expect from  working in a KDE environment. Still I’m not a fan … but fortunately I don’t have to be as there are about 23 million other Linuxes waiting to be exploited. 😉

Hubby otoh, as a KDE fanboi, showed signs of slight enjoyment, which is the most in way of emotions I can ever get from him. So I guess he thinks KaOS is a fine Linux system.

What can be said with absolute certainty is that KaOS ain’t a slouch on Gaga. And that’s quite contrary to the officialy delivered and supported Windows 10. Man, that was a drag on the poor Gaga.

Now let’s care about more interesting stuff, our fancy new hardware:

Come ‘ere you little slut, you …

Despite its small niftyness the M73 ain’t as easy to open as the much older M90. You need a small screwdriver with a Philips head and then caerfully slide the hatch off the base module. From then on things become very easy and Lego-y.


… and let me open you up to expose your secret lady parts.

Just losen two more screws and slide off the hard drive to get to the 2 slots of RAM. As you can see this is all energy-saving laptop technology and there’s not much to be done in regard of modifications. Put more RAM in and swap the storage to a platter with more capacity or even a nifty SSD is all you can and should do.

And then let’s carefully close you up again. 😉

Aaaaaaaand … let’s close sexy Gaga up and make her a decent little compi again. 😉 I’m pretty happy with her, and hubby wasn’t as mad at me as I feared. He even said he likes that new thing and was totally hot to test KaOS Linux on it today. But now lemme delete the crap and install something nicer. =^.^=

Installing some RAM bars is as easy as eating cookies. Even the completely gaga idiot editrix can do it.

Meanwhile I have MaBox Linux in long term testing on Gaga’s bigger sister, MiniMe. It’s behaving very well so far and if everything goes according to plan Mabox might become my travel OS for OrcNet. But first that fukn Acer needs some TLC by computer rapair lesbian. Fortunately we have Gaga now to take over as a much better replacement.

A test on how Second Life works on Gaga’s i3-4130 will follow later today.


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