In SL With Gaga. :/

Oh my, just tried to play a bit online inworld SL with Gaga. Wasn’t too sucessful I gotta say. Even Gaga’s 7 y/o old sister gives me better graphics. Didn’t Intel make such great advancements in the last couple years?



There seems to be something wrong with Singularity I can’t save snapshots to hard drive anymore, not even with this brandnew install on a brandnew Manjaro Linux. 😮 Weirdness.


Yeah, could save this snapshot from Firestorm but now … look at the graphics “quality”. 96 meters drawing distance, can’t even see the other side of the lagoon, and the water doesn’t even render. 😮 As I said already, Gaga’s 7 y/o sister, Minime, does gaming stuff better.

And I found more shit: Everytime I shut the computer down it reboots all by itself. Is like a zombie, that thing. Guess I’m gonna return Gaga tomorrow and will swap her for the machine I had originally envisioned, that thing similar to Minime. Shucking fame. 😦 Gaga, is such a yummy little compi … but too weak, much too weak as an allrounder desktop for Orca.



    • Dear Jacqueline, if you’d read my blog a while longer you’d know that I’m having a decently powerful computer as my main production system “MiniMax”. i5-4690, GTX770, 256GB SSD. And I’ve built it myself.
      My secondary desktop is a Lenovo M90 mini computer “MiniMe”, my tertiary desktop is the Lenovo M73 “Gaga” superminicomputer. I use these two desktops almost exclusively for testing Linux distros and only for SL if I log on one or more of my alts. What I found so very frustrating today was that even my 7 y/o 1st gen i5-650 has better Intel HD graphics than my new i3-4130, which is kinda only 1 y/o.
      Will bring it back tomorrow and try to get something different. Have my eyes on another M90 which should be more powerfullerer and give me more satisfaction. 😉 I don’t expect neither of them to be gaming beasts but just allround office warriors who can also log into SL without blowing a fuse. All three desktops and my stupid Acer netbook “OrcNet” are powered by Linux.


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