That’s a Creative Movie Poster


I know, most of you won’t even remember what these things from the poster are/were, but for us old folk those Compact Cassettes used to be the glue of our teenage years. And if you were a yummy girl you even got specially made mix-tapes from the boys. Too bad tho if your love struck playboy’s musical taste was rather pedestrian and Top-40-ish while you were the hippest girl in town and stopped listening to bands as soon as they got their first radio play. =^.^= Of course you couldn’t hang out with losers who listened to such boring shit. Or worse, who thought they could impress you with their compilation skills. Poor little schmucks. 😉

Oh btw, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will hit theatres in May. I remain slightly sceptical and fear they’ll turn it into a slapstick fest. Oh well, let’s just wait and see.


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