Orca Gaga. Completely!

Hey Snuffels, you know MiniMe, my secondary laptop I purchased with the specific purpose to test Linux distros on, right. And since that things is such a nice Small Form Factor PC and so super built in professional Lenovo/IBM quality and overall just adorable and … to make it short, I wanted to get yet another one. These things are remarkably cheap and indestructible and super duper, I just had to. Ok, found one a couple days ago on Gumtree. Kinda same as the one I already have just newer, more storage, more RAM, faster processor so this morning I got in my car for a drive into Cape Town’s hinterland where the shop with that Lenovo machine is located.

Farmstall in Kenhardt
How I expect businesses around Cape Town to look like.

But then, when I entered the astonishingly clean (shock) and stylish (gasp!) store – in an area where you expect to find farmstalls that sell ridiculously overpriced arts and crafts and homemade cheeses and honey and stuffz – my eyes fell on something even more nifty:

Lenovo M73, is a Mini PC, which is even smaller than SFF. Sooo cute. =^.^= Mouse shown for size comparison.

And let’s not get fooled by its miniscule size, this is a real computer with the latest Intel i3 processor, 4 GB RAM (which I had upgraded to 8 directly in the store) and a 320 GB mini Hard Drive. Plus much better conectivity than my older Lenovo. This thing was quite a bit more expensive but not really that expensive, considering I saved a lot of shipping costs and custom fees from China to South Africa. And this little wonderputer is brandnew it seems. There was even still some protective clingfoil sticking on the case.

It may not keep up with the usual crazy quality and Shenzhen-style of its Chinese Mini PC brethren but Lenovo’s corporate design isn’t actually that bad neither. Plus you know you’re dealing with a worldwide well-known manufacturer, not with some fly-by-nite backyard outfit. The shop gave me a 1-year-warrantee straight away, which is crazy by South African standards, particularly for second-hand units.

Another size comparison with my Lenovo M90. The new machine is hardly bigger than an oldfashioned DVD writer. Yumyumyummy. 🙂

Anyway, with that store I guess I found directly the best Lenovo specialist expert supplier in the Western Cape. The store looked as if they didn’t stock anything else but Lenovo. Used and new as well. Which ain’t bad since Lenovo is the profeshunals choice, even if they are bad mofos with their superfishy consumer grade hardware. And even if the M73 looks like a fun little home theatre PC, I know they are repurposed in their thousands to serve as desktop workstation in big industry companies. Because, yes, they are wicked good! And indeed, during the 3 minutes I snooped around in Win10 I didn’t find any bloatware. Congratz and thank you, Lenovo, for treating us like grown up business partners, not like stupid consumer sheeples.

More connectivity on the backside.

Then, while connecting the cute M73 on my desk I must’ve accidentally pushed the power button and …

Oh! 😮 Ooops, that wasn’t my intention. Make it go awayyyyy!!! Pleeeeez! No, really, what kind of unholy mess is that? I don’t appreciate Windows 10 and its Action Center. No sir. This will not stand!

Nice they gave me a “free” Windows 10 Pro version. But oh my, that stuff is rather laggy on the small i3 proci, and what is so professional about Windows in the first place? It’ s just a  big, hardly usable mess. It will, however, be gone inside the next 5 minutes … baibai.

Better, much betterer. 🙂

Well … yes, I know. You have questions. Like “WTF?”, or “But why?” or “Are you completely gaga now?” or similar and I guess I’ve answered them sufficiently already in the title. Yes, there is no deeper meaning behind this purchase, absolutely not. Dunno myself exactly what I’m gonna do with this nifty little thing. Linux testing, of course. Yes, so I can walk on your nerves even more and become a very industrious Linux tester. One system on which I need Linux and run it 365/24/7 plus two more systems on which I’ll just goof of. That’s so cool. \o/



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