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You know Orca’s not the commercial type. I don’t do any propaganda for stuffz. Particularly since nobody’s paying me for doing so. 😉 But sometimes, when I come across some good products, that are so good I use them myself I sing their praises. I.e. Lenovo computers and … yay! Logitech peripheral products. All my 3 wireless mouses are Logitechs, for a reason. They are great. Not the cheapest but just great! And now I found this deal for the G602 on the Kotaku site. You know I’m using and loving this mouse since like a year or so and moused 10,000 miles and did 10 fantastillion clicks with it, and that thing is still as fresh and responsive as on its first day. In my fave list she even passed my former best mouse ever, Logitech’s Performance MX. That doesn’t mean I’m not taking the MX to Germany anymore but here at home I’m 80% of the time on the G602.

That thing is really great, not just for gamers but for production work as well, and the batteries will last for for … forever!!! So for 40 bucks this is a steal.


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