This is the End?

TrYC all-around super woman Lucy hinted me on this tragic post in the SL Sailing Forum:


Oh my. Ohmyohmy 😦

There would be so much to say about this post and the following thread. Soooo much. I, or we, could speculate about Béa’s losing interest in SL sailing since quite a long time, we could speculate about the lack of funding … and it would all be wrong. It would scratch the surface of the problem, not touching the white elephant in the room.

So what is the real problem then, Bitch? Do tell!

Yesyes, moment please. Give this old woman a moment to gather her thoughts and come up with an article that doesn’t sound too flat but also not too hurtful for anyone. See, this downfall of the forum started a long time ago, and the culmination in Béa cancelling her SL account and not renewing the domain is but a logical consequence of a multitude of causes. Let’s go a while back now.

I dunno exactly when, and I’m obviously much to lazy to research it, let’s say 3 or 4 years ago it all started with a new sailor in the community. This sailor  was quite  an oldbie, probably older than the (rolling) stones but on a very fresh acccount and very new to the sailing scene of SL. Her name was Maiti Yenni. Maiti was a shrewd politician and used a lot of mostly verbal tricks to rile up a lot of oldbie sailors and drive us up on the barricades. This went as far as earning her a ban from the forum. Most of you will remember that, right?

Well, since Maiti, with her youthful energy and an axe to grind, couldn’t sit still and reflect on her shameful behaviour she founded a new forum, which was brought alive with all the fanfare of a typical American politician. Of course she started dissing and libelling the old forum and its surviving main characters and pied-pipered a lot of fellow freshmen – mostly powerboaters and business people – into following her, leaving the old forum and joining hers.

Since the sleepy oldbies of the sleepy old forum didn’t react in the same way but watched the old, the original, forum becoming less and less frequented and less and less exciting. All the while Maiti’s new forum, despite its questionable and illegal politics and practices, grew and bloomed. And the old forum just withered away. Despite of what Maiti claimed all the time our community isn’t huge enough to afford two fori. So the old forum slowly lost its appeal, the old sailors lost interest and gave up, or they just couldn’t stand the barrage of bullshit anymore and caved in.

And in the end even the most spirited, fighting Béa lost interest. So I think the lack of funding is just a scapegoat, not a real reason, for sending the forum off into the darkness. Even the weak reaction to Béa’s OP is a clear sign that nobody is really surprised by this, nor does anyone really wannna fight for the forum’s survival. I mean, come on, 5 replies after 11 years of SL Sailing Forum, are we serious?

What remains to be said is merci Béa, and thank you fellow forumists, for the cool and less cool times we had. 10 or 11 years of the original forum, is quite a stretch, a time span long enough to build many legends and great debates, for technical and personal stuff, for heartwarming friendships and hate, intolerance, stupidity and fun all around. We didn’t always have the best of times, but we had times. So when we say now goodbye to the original SL Sailing Forum it’s not a reason to cry or to be sad. We’ve brought this development upon ourselves and are to blame for the downfall as much as the zeitgeist is.

It’s not good, it’s not bad. It just is.

Byebye SL Sailing Forum, R.I.P.


  1. Reading this post is like watching dogs fight under the carpet, as Winston Churchill famously said about Soviet politics.

    Maybe Béa is just done with SL, and doesn’t feel she needs to explain herself publicly. That’s just one of a gazillion possibilities. Or maybe her reasons are just as you surmised.

    I was blissfully unaware of this history you laid out, and while I guess it matters to long-timers, I also guess it’s irrelevant to SL sailors of more recent vintage (like me). We are just as enthusiastic about sailing and racing as those who came before, but don’t have dogs in any of these old fights.

    I used to really enjoy both forums, read them every morning with my espresso at the ready. I learned a lot about sailing and SL in general, but not so much anymore, especially since Jake, who made those fabulous teaching videos on Youtube, left in utter frustration under a hail of bullets. As he said, no good deed goes unpunished. Maybe Béa feels or has felt the same.

    I wonder whether newer SL sailors even bother with the forums, which these days seem to include little but race results for three or so clubs where the same dozen or so racers (as opposed to “tourists,” as one club condescendingly labels pleasure cruisers who dare to enjoy the Blake during races they probably neither know nor care about) top the results charts. Not very interesting to many people, I bet.

    That’s not to say the forum can’t be saved. But someone would have to be willing to put the kind of effort into it as Béa did for so long. Is the domain up for grabs? Does anyone yearn to step up? Does everyone who might like to post a query or observation feel welcome to do so?

    I, for one, would love to see posts on racing tactics and strategies. There are sailors with advanced skills who sometimes share videos or notecards with members of their groups that would be of great interest to others.

    I could go on, and have 😀 but will stop now.

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    • Ya, that’s exactly Bea’s motivation, respectively her non-motivation. She’s tired and sick of all the shit. As am I. Slowly getting too old to bother anymore. I laid down my “job” at TrYC, and that was always more joy for me than the forum stuff. So if I don’t even sail or work at the club anymore, why should I bother with the forum?

      There are really enough, more than enough, new sailors in the community, and I don’t care (anymore) in which forum they are active or for which club they root, sail or work for. But I’ve the feeling the new generation is lame and uncreative and expects everything to be handed out to them … on a silver platter. There isn’t any adrenaline rushes, dog fights, new race formats, new experiments anymore. We used to do it all by ourselves, suck it from outta our fingers, created world series with hundreds of competitors from the fresh blue air, often without a clue or any prior knowledge.

      Dunno if the new sailors are either too spoiled or just too uncreative, lame or … eeeps, perfectionists. But as long as none of them are stepping up and taking matters in their own hands pls don’t expect the circus SL Sailing to survive forever. We oldbies are slowly drifting out of SL, for a generational change it needs a new generation drifting in. It needs only a handful of people, but it needs ppl with energy and the will to do stuff and organize shit and the willingness to suffer unsucessful events and not give up but learn from the mistakes and try again … and again … and again until they succeed!

      That’s what we did around 07-09 but I guess the times have changed. SL is nothing but a commodity for the youngsters, they just use it like a washing machine or a microwave. In my generation we still knew that SL is nothing but a blank canvas and if you wanna get something out of it, you first gotta invest: Time, labour, ideas, skills, creativity. I guess this pioneering spirit has somehow disappeared from SL.


  2. Thanks for your reply, Orca. You are right on all counts.

    I’m young in SL, but in RL I’m a crone with no energy for fighting on the barricades anymore. That time has come and gone for me unless I REALLY get pissed off, and even then I’m more likely to write a check than march. I admire you pioneers for creating a world new peeps can just slide into and enjoy. But coming to SL is a lot like moving to a different country whose founders did an excellent job of setting civilization in motion. Despite meddling from LL on high, it all works quite well. But I think actual youngsters might still bring innovation.

    So I, for one, thank you and your cohorts for all your time and energy!

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    • LOL, Luna, my generation of 06/07 are hardly pioneers. At least me, I was just looking for sex and sightseeing and exploring and something to do … all on vehicles made by others. I guess my generation was the first with people in it which didn’t even know SL was a selfmade world but expected everything to be done by LL and thought it was a “game”. Yes, we were the watershed. But when I discovered sailing, real physical sailing was possible, which took me like 3/4 year, there was already a huge sailing community organized, with the legendary figures and clubs active and at the height of their abilities. People like MTW had already stopped active sailing and tossed it for landlording and broadcasting the races n stuff. So I joined SL sailing exactly like you.


  3. Although I do not agree with Orca’s representation of the facts leading up to my decision to start the forum, VWS, I will say this:
    First the model which it was founded was different than the other former forum, the way it was run and the rules to run it on were VERY different and several years of running them concurrently proved that the newer format and way of running it was more of what the general public wanted,
    Finally even the promise of archiving the “massive amounts of incredible information” that were “irreplaceable in value to the sailing community” was not done and made available to the public. Even my offer to give Bea a portion of the new forum to put this valuable information, with all the due credit I might add, and to act as it’s archivist was rebuffed. And that’s putting it mildly.
    All this leads me to still believe that it was never a motivation to be of service to the community at large, but an ego trip driven by a sour old Frenchman, that couldn’t stand change and a blow to his ego, so he took up his “ball” and went home instead of sharing equally and allowing the changes that were so obviously what the main stream members of he boating,community wanted. Further, the many unrecognized dirty tricks, racist cartoons and articles allowed to be published by this “person will not br missed, and Bea still doesn’t realize how closely he was about to be confronted in RL. I stopped that.
    I do say it’s a shame it had to go down that way, there was information that was of value, lost forever and a chance for Bea to still administer to it, with no annual cost involved. Someone that cared about the community and the information, and wanted to still have a part of making sailing history would have taken me up on the offer. But ego wouldn’t allow it. The offer remains open, and although I’m reducing my roll with the present forum due to my illness and eventual passing, Bea could of continued on as a member of the forum staff and archivist. He chose not, and to allow ego to get in the way instead..
    A terrible shame to the sailing community as a whole. Sadly I think as history continues on that’s how Bea maybe remembered and honestly as much as i truly detested him, among all the bad things and how he treated people like draft animals,he still did good things for the community,

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    • I don’t really see it as a “going down” like in going down in flames or sumsuch dramatic hollywood stuff but as a slow demise. Bea, who was very active inworld and in all things multimedia community presence, just faded out of SL and naturally lost interest in web presence as well. And since nobody can be found to take over the media empire it’s probably gonna end soon. I’m not even gonna notice since I’ve not been in any sailing forum since … since … a looong time. :/


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