Finally: The Expanse Season 2

Gunnery Sergeant Roberta “Bobbie” W. Draper of the Mars Marine Corps is supposed to become a semi-important character … or is she?

Weird Orca, stupid girly. First I drove you all crazy with my impatience and was hardly able to wait for The Expanse’s second season and now that it aired on the 1st of February you’ll have to wait up to the 4th before you can read Orca’s opinion about this show in SL’s most influential blog?

James “Jim” R. Holden, skipper of the Rocinante has a weird hallucinaton.

Yes, sorry for that. But as it so happened we wanted to finish watching Sneaky Pete first before starting with yet another TV series. Anyhoo, the first two episodes of Expanse didn’t disappoint. We’re thrown into the action right were we left our heroes and villains a couple months ago. The brave crew of the Rocinante, plus a couple of survivors from Eros and detective Miller are bumbling through the universe, not really having a plan about anything. All they know is that they are the only persons knowing about the protomolecule and who was behind the attacks on the Canterbury and the Donnager. So far so well-known. Gladly the series doesn’t waste much time on filling newcomers in but goes on with its fast paced storytelling. A short change of arguments between the Roci crew and Fred Johnson and between Amos and Miller and yay, we’re all friends again. Ready to face new challenges.

Very real: Nobody loves a cop, not even ex-cop Miller

I kinda like this telegram style storytelling. If you wanna have something really great you should read the novels by S.A. Corey, as I’m doing right now. They are pretty fantastic and in any way far far better than that other big thing, Catalyst, that’s all the rage in Star Wars circles right now. I can tell you that book sucks! Big time! 😮

The Expanse - Season 2
Nothing goes without the voice of reason Naomi Nagata.

If I had anything to nitpick about it was how the new and probably pretty important character of Bobbie Draper was introduced. In the novels we get to know her during an  attack by the protomolecule on Ganymede. Seems the whole Ganymede story arc is left out of the series so we’re getting introduced to her during a routine drill. How exciting. :/ And what follows ain’t much better. If there ever was a more stereotypical “I wish I was born a man” female soldier than Bobbie I eat my shoes. The whole sequence with the Mars marines is such a bad copy of roundbout 1,000 other military movies it becomes kinda awkward. And totally insignificant as Bobbie’s about to become her own heroine outside of the Martian military hierarchy.

Naomi is my fave characater: Even after like living in the asteroid belt for 200 years or so she still clings onto her south-London accent. Rule Britannia!

But the postives outweighted the negatives. By far. Jim and Naomi finally clicking as couple was a nice reward for watching the whole first season in which the tension was already brewing. No more reminiscending about his lost love, slacking Jim grabs Naomi by the pussy … and she lets him! All the best wishes to the happy newlyweds.

Miller and Amos having words, which is cool as it clears up a some points, also for the audience.

And as if the Expanse was dragging in any way I still feel the producers and director stepped on the pedal even more.Which is pretty cool on one hand but honestly, it’s nice for the atmosphere and for the audience to get a feeling for the Expanse’s environment and sets to take the foot off the accelerator pedal from time to time. So we can all let out a collective Pheeeew.

The Rocinante in action.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t watched The Expanse yet, please do so. But don’t start by getting thrown into season 2 cold. Do yourself a favour and watch season 1 first.

Where only the bravest of the brave will go …

But when you’re not as brave you can always go where the losers go …

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