Cleaning My Keyboard, Pt. 2

Totally forgot to mention and to show you how I dunked the whole keyboard, after removing the keycaps which I treated extra, in the sink with a generous spritz of Sunlight Lemon Fresh dishwashing stuff and then removed all the grime and and DNA from it. And here came the Q-Tips into play. Just had to make sure the whole thing was completely dried out before I connected it to the computer again. Two to three days as per Paul’s recommendation so I couldn’t show you any results earlier.

New keyboard (top) is now dirtier than old but dishwashed keyboard (bottom)

But now, just 10 minutes ago, I connected the keyboard to MiniMe, booted the system and … all seems to work fine. \o/ Viva housewife!!! \o/

Conclusion: Many people might think you can’t wash electronic devices with just water and soap and generally they are correct. BUT if you are careful and let the stuff dry for a certain amount of time and maybe even treat some of it with WD40 afterwards it’s as easy as cleaning your dishes. I did the same already with computer mice and it worked equally well. Electronics and soapie water work well together … as long as they never meet. 😉

File:Mouse-wet.png | Uncyclopedia | Fandom powered by Wikia
Wet mouse

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