Berry Against Trump and All Against Berry. :(


The RL Strawberry Singh is in a very peculiar situation right now. She’s an American and a Muslim and I really don’t wanna be in her skin so to say. 😉 Yeah, I guess it’s save to say she’s  doublefucked, and not even in a good way. In so far I can’t understand all the hate she now receives in a lot of comments on her blog. It’s prolly all the Trump-voting, non-politicing, always naiively positive (what for, if I may ask) dumfux threatening Berry now with nonsensical “I’m gonna unskubsribe” bullshit.

As you know I’m a bit sceptical about this new Anti Muslim Ban movement but still may I ask all my readers to please visit Berry’s blog (you should have it on your daily reading list anyway) and give her a big fat Like. And if not for her politics than just for her being the awesome Berry. That’s reason enough, no?
Ersatz-Palestinian Orcsi takes a rather radical, more terroristy approach on dealing with enemies of the people like Trump and his cronies.


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