Are You British?

If yes, then this might be a rather interesting deal for you:


120 quid for a kinda capable desktop PC which will run your fancy Linux systems without any problems. No fear, it will run Windows as well. But who would want that??? My gawd. 😮

And our friend Steve made a wicked video in which he shows us exactly how to get a Linux installed on your new hardware. He’s using OBRevenge, which I’m not too convinced of but at least it’s a nifty and modern Arch Linux, so you’ll have one of the bestest. \o/ YAY! \o/

Sooooo… what are we waiting for? Really now. 120 quid, considering the quite high prices in the UK, is as cheap as it gets for you girls. Will that machine bomb all others out of the water? Nooo, fuk no!!! But it will be a decent office warrior and number cruncher and a nice throwaway system to abuse by installing dozens of different Linuxes on. Heavyweights and lightweights, easy and complicated, modern and traditional ones, lots of shit. The more the merrier, until you’ll have found your personal favourite.

That is, as always, the coolest thing about GNU/Linux operating systems, you’ll have all the choice and modability one can wish for. And once, after a couple weeks of playing and experimenting around in Linux environments, and whining to Orcsi about how bad it all is, you’ll know what you want. And you’ll also know how to make it so it fits you like a glove. And what better way than to start with such a dirtcheap loser PC? So you won’t even have to touch your recent main machine, your SL machine, your gaming ‘puter, your production rig.

It’s all perfect.

And here two random unboxing vids from two random blokes:



Dunno why and how but lately it seems our male co-humans are soooo fukn clumsy and desperately stupid it’s hard to believe. Watching them guys unpacking a simple box kinda hurts. Are they spazzes??? And believe me I already picked the two most comprehensive and clever videos, all the others were even worse.


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