Linden Lab Has Something to Tell President Trump



Bravo Lindens! I’m kinda proud of you guys and girls. In typical San Francisco hippie fashion you’re sticking it to the man. Pretty cool.

Or is it?

san francisco
Linden Lab’s new headquarters

Please watch this video before prematurely making up your mind and start singing Kumbaya:


Oh don’t get me wrong please, I’m still the ultralefty commie bish I always was and I think that Watson guy is a despicable human being. Right, eh? He drives me up the walls with his hateful videos since quite a while and I honestly stopped watching his shit. Yeah, he’s a rightwing fascist asshole … but fair is fair and when he’s correct we have to take his pov into consideration. And I guess his facts are correct and Trump is just that guy who’s not ashamed to use strict measures and follow up plans that were laid out already long ago.

Because, let’s face it, Obama was a radical rightwing corporate puppet too, and bombed half the planet to force the economical interests of a handful Americans onto everybody else. Right? I mean the number of wars he started and the amount of bombs he dropped are clear indicators for the childish way he and his administration misunderstood international politics. So, is Trump just the guy who does the same, only more consequential than his predecessor?

That’s what stupid Americans think. Really?

That doesn’t make Trump’s executive order less abhorrent and Trump himself less creepy, just saying the path to that executive order was paved already long before he came into power.

Now comment and be mad at me and call me all sorts of names. But first, pleez, sit back and think! You know that thing you do inside your pretty noggin, where you make all the daring decisions and come up with those awesome thoughts you’re so famous and adored for. Right. And then go on and grill me. 😮


    • Yes, they should. But the Watson guy is right when he asks why they didn’t protest when Obama came up with the same shit? Because he’s such a cuddly little democrat and therefor must be a good person? And protest by a company which fires over 100 people in a heartbeat just because the CEO was having a bad day, sorry, I take whatever they say or do with a hefty pinch of salt.


    • No party, anywhere on this marble can be trusted anymore. Parties are nothing but jumping boards, starting blocks for a carreer in politics. Instruments to supply you with funds and personnel for your own gain. And fuck democracy or the 200 years old original goals and programmes of your party, as long as it guarantees you a warm and comfy seat in parliament you’ll just live with your party, tolerate it. 😦


    • There’s a little, often overlooked, fact about owning land in SL and being the Pres of the USA, Sammie: You and I kinda “own” that parcel on Little East River and have rights and privileges granted to us by the real owner, LL. Donald Trump doesn’t own the USA. Not yet, not completely. Still he thinks he may ban citizens from certain countries to enter the USA, without first asking his fellow countrymen and without the majority behind him.
      Of course it’s easier to get things done in a collective way in our autonomous land than in the USA, I see that. But D. Trump doesn’t even care, he thinks he’s the non-benevolent dictator now.


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