Something’s Strange …

… but not in the neighbourhood, so I’m  not gonna call Ghostbusters. But strangely with my alltime favourite SL viewer, Singularity something doesn’t seem right. Always since I’ve installed Firestorm as secondary viewer for future adventures with Bento heads I can’t save snapshots to hard disk anymore. And I guess nowhere else neither. Can do whatever I want, Singularity just refuses to save them crappy snappies on my PC. 😮

So today I did the ultimate test and installed Singu on my testing desktop, because according to my theory all should be cool there. Don’t have FS installed yet, so nothing standing in the way of saving a pretty snapshot of my fugly noggin to the hard drive … only it didn’t work in that environment neither. 😮

Sooo, next step: Install FS on the little machine as well and …

OhOrca Oh on the Lordshore bridge in Jeogeot Gulf

Whoa! Right? WTF is wrong with Singu now all of a sudden? All my theories are crumbling. 😦 Ok, one last test: Sending out the fiery Phree Radikal to join Oh …

Oh and Phree

… and of course that works. Those sluts are on different computers but both on Firestorm. But that wasn’t my problem anyway, so I’m sending out the always brave and eagerly useful Mowry Rubble on Singularity viewer …

Oh, Mowry and Phree

… which leads to nothing. Nothing at all. Can’t do any snapshots in Singularity anymore. 😦 But just for the sake of completion we’re asking Phree to do another shot of the three of us. See, altsisters can do it alone! We don’t need that overly intellijent Neotel bunny and neither our self acclaimed headmistress Orca. We’re managing quite fine without them.

Only my initial problem still exists. Can’t save any snapshots in Singularity anymore. 😦


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