Cleaning a Mechanical Keyboard


Cleaning my mechanical keyboard like a good housewife. I use Q-Tips and soapie water, no oil or isopropyl alcohol. That thing was dirty, just dirty, not contaminated or sumfink. Jeeze. After 3 years on my office desk a good cleansing is in order and kinda necessary.


But after leaving the whole mess drying out in  the sun for 2 – 3 days comes the awkward part of re-assembling all the keys, and – oy vey! – that’s gonna be infuriating. 😮



    • … and exclusively available for Windows. 😦
      In fact 6866 was the last version they made for Linux, and it’s perfect in any way … only it won’t show Bento. Dunno what happened with Singu, if their deaded head honcho was the only one there caring about Linux or if they are generally still cleaning up the mess his demise had left.
      Well, then Firestorm Phoenix it is. It’s not nice, it’s not half as nice as Singu and a rather unholy mess, wannabe SL 1.23 viewer but it kinda works and I have to get used to that illogical shit I guess.


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